The Best Comfortable Shoes: Why Naot Pixie Wedges Are a Must-Have


I’ve been rocking this exact pair of Naot wedges for over five years now, and they’re still my go-tos. They’re as comfy as my perfectly worn-in Birkenstocks, but unlike those, these beauties needed zero break-in time. Straight out of the box, they were a dream.

Naot Pixie Wedges: Best. (Comfort) Sandals. Ever.

Naot is a comfort shoe brand that specializes in creating footwear with supportive footbeds, high-quality materials, and ergonomic designs. Their shoes are known for excellent support and cushioning, making them perfect for long periods of wear. Now, I’m not usually a “comfort shoe” kinda gal (except for my Birks—they saved me during both pregnancies), but these are not your typical comfort shoe. They’re cute… and dare I say… sexy?

They’ve even been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance…a recognition awarded to products that promote “good foot health.” To earn this seal, products must be evaluated by a team of APMA podiatrists and meet their stringent criteria for quality, safety, and effectiveness. (Birkenstocks have also been awarded this seal, but…I don’t think anyone would describe them as sexy. Unless worn alone. 🤭)

sandals (also at Zappos) | denim shorts | similar sweater

Omg these pictures! Ozzie was just a teeny tiny nose-sucking, ear-grabbing baby when I first discovered these shoes. I was thrilled to find a pair that were both cute and comfortable, especially with a baby that young and a toddler at home to chase after. I remember taking a long break from heels after having kids, but during that time, these were my heels of choice.

sandals (also at Zappos) | bag

The wedge heel is just under 2 inches (1.75″ to be exact), making it 100% walkable—even for all-day wear. (In fact, I find a slight heel more comfortable than completely flat shoes, which often give me shin splints.) The velcro closure makes them incredibly easy to put on and take off, allowing you to customize the fit perfectly around your ankle.

They come in a ton of different color combinations, but I couldn’t resist the gold detail. (Although I also love the rose gold ankle strap with beige toe strap or the tan ankle strap with black toe strap…or the black on black! I think I need another pair…)

sandals (also at Zappos) | similar jeans

Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is way more fun with us!

My favorite thing about them (besides how comfy they are) is their incredible versatility. I can pair them effortlessly with denim shorts, ripped jeans, or even beach pants that are a tad too long for me…

sandals (also at Zappos) | split floral pants (lg–runs small!) | similar t-shirt

What I also adore is how they add a touch of elevation to a super casual outfit like this one…

sandals (also at Zappos) | similar pants | tank | similar cardigan

…yet they’re equally perfect with dresses. They’re basically the ultimate wear-with-everything, bring-on-vacation sandal that are actually comfortable to wear. And WORTH every penny.

sandals (also at Zappos) | similar dress

We’re flying home for the 4th tomorrow and I’m actually wearing them on the plane…and they’ll be the only heels I’ll be taking on our big trip to Europe this summer!

So, the question now is…which color should I buy next? (Let me know in the comments!)