7 Bags That Are Worth The Splurge


We recently asked our Facebook Insiders group which handbags they’ve splurged on that — even after much use — were still 100% worth that splurge. The responses were predictably varied, but there were a few bags that rose to the top with numerous rave reviews.

The Most Popular Bags Worth The Splurge (According To Our Readers)

Spoiler: The top choice was the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It’s a classic pick that elevates the most basic outfit, and will never go out of style. We totally understand the love for this bag. The runner up, however? Was the much more affordable Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack. We’re big fans of this backpack, here at TME — it’s a longtime editor favorite as well, and has doubled as both a diaper bag and a date night bag.

Readers also endorsed Chanel’s classic box bag (swoon) and basically anything by Clare V. (which our entire team is obsessed with). Since it’s us, we rounded out this dream bag roundup with one of the most practical bags on the planet: TUMI’s laptop backpack (almost every TME editor uses it — Lex took a deep dive on the TUMI here).

While we’ll never argue with a classic choice…we did also want to offer up two additional possibilities for an heirloom-quality bag, done by small designers, both who happen to be sustainably minded, as well. Small and sustainable or no…these two bags are wildly gorgeous and 100% worth a splurge.

The Top 5 Splurge-Worthy Bags

Below you’ll find a list of our highest recommended, most splurge-worthy bags, where to shop them, and the colors/fabrics we’re currently eyeing up.

1. Reader’s Overall Favorite Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

There was some debate about the best size of the Neverfull, but many of you seemed to like the big guy. You can go full-on Louis with the monogram print or go with a simple checked print. The best place to purchase any new Vuitton piece is at LouisVuitton.com, but we also strongly encourage finding a gently used Neverfull — this is one piece that is fairly easy to find secondhand.

2. Runner Up: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backback

Ahhh the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack – a TME staple. The toughest part is going to be choosing a favorite – there’s a bunch of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics including a mini version with fringe. Our team has tried out almost all of the colors and fabrics available, and have yet to be disappointed. It’s spacious, comfortable to wear, and travel-friendly – to list just three of our 10 reasons the Minkoff backpack is the most perfect ‘Mom bag’.

3. Another Reader Favorite: Chanel

Is it weird that my heart swelled when I saw readers nominating Chanel bags as worth the splurge? I feel like it’s always been a goal of mine (since I was teeny tiny) to buy a Chanel bag. They’re just so darn pretty and classic and can be dressed up or down. What’s not to love? Most of you guys agreed that the classic Chanel bag with the caviar fabric was the way to go and I’m gonna agree. But, I did include one tweed one because…iconic.

4. A Team & Reader Fave: Anything Clare V.

Literally…anything by Clare V. (We had to see this one coming, right?) Clare V. bags just hit that elusive note of wildly classic and timeless…yet interesting. They’re almost quirky, irreverent. The TME editors swear by them as outfit makers – even the craziest of the Clare V prints read minimalist and neutral, and have proven – again and again – that they’re wearable for years to come. We were thrilled to see that our readers were in wild agreement on this one.

5. Our Go-To Work Bag: The TUMI Backpack

The work bag of all work bags. From the second I started working at TME, whenever Gwen and S and Lex came strolling in carrying one of these Tumi bags…I couldn’t help but go all googly-eyed. Now many of the TME Editors swear by them as their work bag (and they’re a go-to for travel, as well). They just look so classic, clean and sophisticated…yet feminine. They’re not at all what I imagined a “work bag” would look like. They’re also insanely well-made, with all of the necessary pockets, and will last for years, even with hard use. Definitely worth the investment.

Shop Small: 2 More Bags Worth The Splurge

6. Savannah Baskets

This is a small, sustainable company that works directly with rural women’s cooperatives in Ghana to produce and sell these gorgeous handmade baskets. Their goal is to create sustainable economic opportunity for the women artisans while adopting environmentally safe practices. Linzi got her hands on this lace straw basket and LOVES it. We’re huge fans of baskets-as-bags (we blame Jane Birkin) — they’re the perfect spring/summer bag: chic and practical. Savannah Baskets can be found on Verishop, or check out their main site for an even larger selection.

Chanel. TUMI. Louis Vuitton....a list of our readers' most highly recommended, splurge-worthy bags, where to shop them & the styles we're eyeing up.

Savannah Baskets Lace Straw Bag

7. Tesoro Design

This is a small, Philly-based, sustainable company we’ve been drooling over. Their bags are made in-house and the materials are sourced right in the U.S. to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. And these bags? Total stunners. They can maybe be best described as…classic with a modern twist. S and I are both drooling over this ladylike burgundy stunner, made fresh and unexpected with a bright blue chain. Such a playful, irreverent twist.

Chanel. TUMI. Louis Vuitton....a list of our readers' most highly recommended, splurge-worthy bags, where to shop them & the styles we're eyeing up.
credit: Tesoro Design

Tesoro Design Architectural Crossbody

Let us know in the comments if there are any other splurge-worthy bags you guys love!


PS: This one’s for the pinners…

Chanel. TUMI. Louis Vuitton....a list of our readers' most highly recommended, splurge-worthy bags, where to shop them & the styles we're eyeing up.
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