Worth It: Blundstone Original Boots (The Surprisingly Perfect Shoe for Spring Hikes)


It’s springtime; the birds are singing louder, the sun feels warmer, and there is increasingly more light in the sky with each passing day. You’re about to go outside to soak up some much needed vitamins after the winter, and as you head to the door you slip on your favorite pair of boots.


Surely, you meant sandals.

Nope! Believe me when I say, the best and most unexpectedly wonderful shoes for springtime are a sweet little pair of Blundstone boots!

Blundstone Original 500 Chelsea Boots: An Unexpected Spring Fav

I know, I know, I’ve talked a lot before about how freeing it is to swap out the heavy winter boots for a lighter shoe this time of year, but that’s just it. Blundstones — while many folx do rock these in the winter — are not your heavy winter style boot. There are no thick insulated materials, faux fur isn’t pouring out of the top, it doesn’t take you 15 minutes to put on your foot, and there are no shoestrings in sight. Like any brand, Blundstone offers a variety of boot styles, but I’m specifically referring to ‘The Originals’ (or Blundstone Original 500 Chelsea Boots). Or more properly coined in their native Australian land: “Blunnies.” 

The best & most unexpectedly wonderful shoes for spring are a sweet pair of Blundstone original chelsea boots! They'll bring out your inner puddle-jumping kid, too.

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These shoes have a long history, dating back 150 years, and one of the coolest depictions of the boot comes straight from their website –

“We’ve put boots on Aussie soldiers, Everest expeditioners, footballers, factory workers, farmers, and police men and women. We’ve inspired artists, musicians, chefs, tap dancers, and Olympic athletes to put their best foot forward. Our range of kids’ boots has inspired a new generation of Blundstone wearers to jump puddles on rainy afternoons.”

These will bring out your inner puddle-jumping kid, too.

The best & most unexpectedly wonderful shoes for spring are a sweet pair of Blundstone original chelsea boots! They'll bring out your inner puddle-jumping kid, too.

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The leather shoe molds to your foot for extreme comfort. I’m going on year five with this same black pair, and they get better each and every year. The elastic side adds for that extra flexibility (but it’s totally cute, too) and the pull tabs on the front and back make it so you can pull these boots on with absolute ease as you’re running out the door to chase rainbows after that springtime rain. 

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I throw these on for light afternoon hikes, which we seem to do the most of in the spring. We’re constantly trying to take advantage of that warming sunshine this time of year, exploring trails that lead through tunnels of pines along rivers before the breeze shifts directions and it starts blowing off Lake Superior (which is still mighty cold from the long winter).

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Do Blundstones Run True To Size?

My Blundstones are so worn in at this point that the leather is really, really soft. These are made unisex, so depending on where you purchase a pair from, you may need to pay attention to the sizing — some places are listed in Australian/UK mens’ sizing, where as some have already done the conversion for US women shoe sizing (Nordstrom, for instance, lists all three — US Men and Women along with the original AU sizing). I purchased a 10 in women; don’t fret when the shoe arrives, as it will show the Australian size on the shoe (which for me is a 7). I always grab a 10 when ordering boots, and my normal boot size was perfect!

The best & most unexpectedly wonderful shoes for spring are a sweet pair of Blundstone original chelsea boots! They'll bring out your inner puddle-jumping kid, too.

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Honestly, these boots are so good that I know multiple people who wear them for their service jobs: for hours in the kitchens of bakeries, behind bars, and slinging coffee drinks — you name it. I’ve worn mine to photograph countless weddings, too! I shoot mostly outdoor weddings and adventure elopements where I need to be comfortable for 10 hours and not think about my feet — whether climbing a mountain for the vows, capturing a dance party in a rainstorm, or during portraits in an open field — my Blundstone originals are simply the best. But for right now? I’m soaking up the sweet springtime on the trails with my hubs and baby.

Adventure or wedding, work or play, these boots are it. They’re so worth it.


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  1. Yes! Also highly recommend as kid shoes – they work as hiking boots and on the school yard in mud season, as an only shoe for travel, as fancy shoes for dress up occasions, can be put on independently by little ones, and at least in our family, last long enough to be outgrown by two kids and passed on to the cousins as hand-me-downs.

  2. Hi Amy! I’m into these. I noticed you link to the “Stout Water Resistant” boots, but Nordstrom also has the “Original Series” which in the photo look a little thinner or maybe made for women instead of unisex? Can you help me distinguish? If yours are the Stouts, they look great on you. But the photo of the Originals seems more appealing online.

    • Oooo great question! So it’s a little confusing the way Nordstrom decided to label the shoes. The ones I linked – the “stout” boot, is the original unisex boot that Blundstone made + got famous for. It’s the boot I’m wearing in the pictures! As Blundstone got more famous they made more boots specifically for women, calling them all “womens originals” — I think the one you may be referring to is considered a “high top” boot – it has a higher rise up the ankle and some pretty little stitching detailing (and yes, comes in just women sizing)! I actually know people who have those and love them, the basic concept of the boot is the same and just as epic. I think it would be style preference at that point! I hope this helps!! Xx

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