Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 1.51.52 PM Have you seen Isabella Oliver’s Grecian tunic top?  It retails for $129, and is, in my humble opinion, worth every penny.  And then some.

I had my eye on this tunic for my pregnancy wardrobe for quite some time, and purchased it the second I found out I was pregnant with #2.  I’m so glad I did.  This tunic was my go-to piece for my first, second, and third trimesters.  It looks amazing dressed up (I wore an exact replica of the pictured outfit many times)…and is so comfortable (and washable) that it quickly became an everyday favorite.

The low v-neck and large swingy sleeves are flattering to a large pregnant bust and forgive a multitude of upper arm sins.  And the tunic is cut longer in the front, ensuring that your belly is covered…even if yours is an epic size.  (And mine was.)

While the empire-waist left me looking a bit pregnant post-partum, this tunic was still a much more stylish option for those first few weeks when you have tons of visitors, and no one is surprised by your post-partum pooch.  You can also nurse easily in it.

Styling possibilities are endless…but here were my favorite ways to wear it:


(wearing:  IO Grecian tunic, Gap denim leggings, me too flats, banana republic wrap cardigan, j.crew headband….mia boots, american apperal turtleneck, coach bag)


(wearing: IO Grecian tunic, J.Brand maternity jeans, Target gladiator sandals, Bloom bangles, J.Crew headband, Banana Republic long silver necklace, vintage clutch…Joe’s Jeans denim jacket, Forever21 leggings, me too flats)

This is the only top I’ve found, maternity or no, that works just as well from the beginning of pregnancy…

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 2.18.50 PM

To the very end.





ps.  If I were pregnant now I’d be wearing it with J.Brand’s maternity Lovestories…




  1. Very cute! I like your blog…just found it the other day. I had a similar top that I wore from my first tri through my last tri — it was BCBG and not maternity, but the empire style jersey was my favorite thing to wear. I actually wish I still had it to wear now, post-baby.

  2. What a timely post. It’s about time for me to start maternity shopping, though I’m challenging my wardrobe to the best of its (and my) abilities in the meantime, but I have a burning question — when it comes to leggings, is it better to get maternity leggings or just wear normal leggings under the belly? I wore some tights the other day and encountered the the “slide” to under the belly. That could be okay as long as I don’t end up walking around with one hand holding up my leggings like you talked about in one of your posts! I wasn’t sure if leggings would have enough elasticity and stretch in them to stay up even if they were under my belly. You were my fashion go-to before I was pregnant and now? I’m looking for daily advice!

  3. I discovered IO Maternity at about 20 weeks. I initially held off buying anything until I got to 28 weeks and was getting too big for any of my old work clothes but still needed to look smart. I wish I’d jumped in earlier, as the pieces I bought were the best maternity investment I could have made – and what’s more I’m still wearing many of them now even though my little guy is about to turn 6 months old. I’m back into a majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but the IO stuff works SO WELL post baby, particularly their wrap tops as well as the ruched tops! And yes, I love the Grecian tunic top as well – still wear it on the weekends.
    Bonus – except for their suiting it’s pretty much all machine wash/tumble dryable. Extra bonus – they are having a flash sale on everything on their site this week – 44% of today, 41% off tomorrow and so on through Sunday. See for more.

  4. Wow Kate, thanks for the head’s up! Babe no. 3 is quite literally in the the twinkle of an eye stage, but I a all over the IO sale.
    S. It’s not fair that you’re so cute when you’re pregnant. You really should go for it at least once more! : )

  5. Kristen – Thanks for the comment! I’m finding that the line between maternity and non-maternity is becoming blurred…which is a good thing!
    Gretchen – Regular leggings will work. BUT…my maternity leggings were more comfortable, and I’m still wearing them. They just fit nice and low,and seem to have more stretch for the growing bum. I also found out about Yummie Tummie’s maternity leggings that have a panel that helps support the belly, but didn’t get a chance to try them. They’d be on my list for next time, however. That panel would be nice post-partum. Hunh. I’m going to post your question on our Facebook page – see what most chose to wear.
    Emily – You and me both!! They are the BEST.
    Kate – Thanks for the head’s up! BTW – The ruched tops work post-baby???? Hunh. I actually never tried…I will now!!
    Molly – I’m compiling a list for Mike of reasons we should go for #3. Will add “But aren’t I cute????” to the list, LOL.

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