How I’m Feeling (and What I’m Wearing) Postpartum


Wrap SweaterBraletteJeans (50% off!)

Nothing gives you CURVES like having a baby. The girls are bigger, the hips are wider, the booty is . . . well, more bootylicious? And whether you’re ready for this jelly or not (see what I did there?), a postpartum body is going to have more of it. My natural tendency is to cover it up or disguise it in some way. You know, rock the leggings-plus-a-tunic-top look that has become somewhat of a mom uniform (for good reason). But I’m trying to take a cue from moms like this one who says she doesn’t give a sh*t if her body “bounces back.” And while my response to her is all “Yaaaas Girl, you rock that postpartum body!” in my mind I’m thinking, “but I’m definitely not brave enough to, so I’m going to keep covering it up #thankyouverymuch.”

It’s so hard to think of your own body as beautiful even when you’re all about celebrating the beauty of others. So I’m trying to put my money where my mouth is and not focus on my own imperfections. I’m trying not to worry about the extra pounds or the C-section scar that makes my lower belly stick out. I’m trying to wear high-waisted jeans without thinking about how to cover up areas I don’t like. I’m trying not to freak out about a little (or a lot of) muffin top. And I’m definitely embracing the cleavage that comes from breastfeeding and nursing-friendly necklines. (I mean, there are some perks, am I right?)

Outfit Details:

Wrap Sweater:(Wearing a small) Available in a ton of colors and in regular and plus sizes. This is perfect for breastfeeding and can be layered over a cami if you aren’t into that much cleavage. I’m seriously considering the magenta . . . but do I need more than one color of the same sweater? (yes)

Bralette:(similar) I also love this one – I find bralettes to be so much more comfortable to nurse in.

Jeans: On sale for 50% off! Wearing size 6 – they run slightly big.  And btw I’m loving this review: “I loved the material and color. The fit wasn’t good for me it will probably be better for someone in their 30s or 40s.” (OMG. I’m dying.)

Boots: Love these. Also in black and on sale for 20% off, more colors (including a gorgeous burgundy and grey) here.

Scarf: Available in a ton of colors and patterns perfect for fall . . . can’t beat the price tag either!

Jacket: (Similar) I’m also loving this jacket.

I wore this sweater the first time mom & I went out to dinner after Ozzie was born in case he needed to nurse . . . and he slept for over 4 hours for the first time ever. Of course. (We had a great time!)




  1. this is awesome! look ..and …are an amazing mother… have two beautiful babies and an adorable.. husband,,Zach (in the background)…you and your family (mom Shana…ect….) are wonderful,,,,…keep sharing…(all of you)…its is inspiring..:)..a long time reader…:)

  2. You look amazing. And yesyesyes to embracing our postpartum bodies (those c-section scars aren’t going anywhere anyway).

  3. You look beautiful! I wish I had read something like this when my babes were little! I would have been kinder to myself, and stopped focusing on the newness of my body, and just enjoyed all the stages (physical and not), that come with having babies. Enjoy this season!

  4. As always, you look amazing. I love how you always dress to the body that you have at the moment- not always an easy task- and still find a way to look like yourself. I’m absolutely loving the bag you have here. Where can we get it??

  5. Man, it really is hard to love your own body! At any stage, I think. You look amazing, as usual! I know I never looked as well put together as you when I was a few months post-partum! You rock! Also, any details on your bag? That rocks, too!

  6. You look beautiful, as always. I am heading towards my second and wondering about the bralettes for nursing. First, are they supportive for mid size chests? And second, do you just push them aside to nurse?

  7. You are beautiful! My mom was never insecure about her body, at least that I ever saw. I always think about that for my daughter. I don’t want her to see my insecurities in herself.

  8. I really enjoy The Mom Edit but was taken aback by this post. You look great Scotti….and I can appreciate many women (all?) have insecurities about their bodies …. butttt. Bemoaning wearing Size 6 jeans and a size small sweater?? That’s a petite figure by any standard…. The post seems on the insensitive side.

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