What We’re Reading This Week: Size 12 Skinny Jean Recommendation from Fashion For The Economically Challenged


Green topGang, meet “FashionAddict”.  She’s a fellow blogger who focuses on affordable mom fashion.  If any of you follow her blog, Fashion For The Economically Challenged, you’ll quickly learn that not only does she manage to find cute looks at really affordable prices, she is a whiz at shopping her own closet.  You’ll see how she remixes her favorites over and over.  I love that.

While FashionAddict mainly focuses on office appropriate attire, I came across one of her posts that would be especially of interest to moms.

Over the last year or so, there has been much discussion on Ain’t No Mom Jeans about the value of skinny jeans.  I would dare say that many of you are under the assumption that skinny jeans should only be worn by size 2 gals.  While I’ve always disagreed (I think skinny jeans can be flattering on a range of body types/sizes)….well, for many of you, the love wasn’t there.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, no?  And no one can dispute that FashionAddict looks great in her skinnies.  I love that despite her misgivings, she gave them a try:

I never thought I would be able to wear skinny jeans AND flats.  I thought this was only for the super skinny rather than a size 12 gal like myself.  But I tried it out since I knew I would be doing a lot of running around at work today, and I really liked the way it turned out!

And so do I!  FashionAddict liked the look so much that she remixed it with a wedge heel for date night.  I really like the sexed-up result (pictured at right).

Green top2 For those of you interested in giving skinny jeans a go, FashionAddict is wearing a.n.a. Skinny Jeans from JC Penny, which are currently on sale for roughly $25.  However, they only appear to have either Petite or Plus sizes in stock, so you might want to try a store, if interested.

Otherwise, you can find affordable skinny jeans everywhere these days: Forever 21, Target, etc.  Buying a crazy-cheap version is a great way to try out a trend.  If you love it, you can always upgrade.

Bottom line:  I don’t think the skinny silhouette is going anywhere soon.  If anything, it’s getting skinnier.  And as FashionAddict shows, skinny jeans can look super hot even on girls who aren’t a Size 2.

Next up….jeggings?  Not ready yet?  Ok – we’ll work on it.




  1. I love skinny jeans. I honestly believe they look good on 80-90% of women out there . . . and even some men. I think everyone should at least try them out; I’m a mom of 4, and I feel like I can pull them off; you can too! People think they make you look fat, but really, they have the opposite effect. Everyone should try them out at least once, even if only in the dressing room (although once you find a well-fitting pair, you’ll love the way they look and will be taking them home with you), and keep in mind that you might have to shop around for the right length and rise.

  2. I wish I looked good in skinny jeans! None of them work with my curvy butt. Is there a brand that doesn’t completely flatten your booty?? What about one that doesn’t taper at the ankle so much?

  3. Okay, someone’s already given Gap’s denim a shout-out here, but I’m doing to second it. I’m not usually a Gap kind of girl, but I needed a new pair of jeans stat, and Gap was the closest store to the mall entrance. Incredible find!
    Go to the Gap and buy a pair of “Slouchy Skinn”y jeans NOW. They are truly awesome. And affordable. (Stepping down from soapbox…)

  4. Amy – thanks for the tip! I also have a pair of Gap’s skinny jeans, but I have the regular skinnies, not the slouchy skinny. Will have to go check them out….

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