Your Outfit Needs Some Extra Oompf? Try Patterned Heels. (Sponsored Post)



(all photography by the insanely talented Vafa-Coffman Photography)

I know layering is big thing in fashion-blogger land, but sometimes I just want to be all Pants. Shirt. Done.  You know?

“I have eighteen layers of clothes on. I’m wearing a shirt and a tie and a sweater and a suede jacket that just seals in all the heat. Seals in all the juices. I’m just…it’s all sweat under here. This is just sweat from here down.”  -Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love


We’ve talked before about interesting basics, and a pair of patterned heels is one of my go-to methods to make…well…any outfit better.  Especially if you are firmly planted in the shirt-pants-done camp.
















tee: old James Perse (here’s the new James Perse tee…I bought mine in both size 1 and 3 – I’m wearing the 3 in this pic.)

jacket: Free People Oversized Knit Jacket, size XS

skirt: Nasty Gal Ruched Knot Skirt, size S (on sale for $26)

shoes: Sole Society Olyvia Heels in black white

necklace: Tiffany

watch: Mike’s Tissot watch


Patterned heels are often my answer for boring work outfits, too.  And when those patterned heels also happen to be of that magic height where they’re walkable, yet sexy?  And affordable, to boot?  Well.  The Shopping Enabler rests her case.







A graphic tee + skinny suit is a combo I will love forever…but I’m especially digging the contrast of the tomboyish outfit with the ladylike heels.  This is right up my alley.





Someone asked about my tattoo.  It is new.  My sister has the exact same one.  It’s in my mother’s handwriting, and reads, “I love you lots” in shorthand.  It’s what my mom wrote on our lunchbags (brown paper ones, thankyouverymuch) until we graduated, and on my Dad’s lunchbag until he retired.  I’ve been thinking about a tattoo for years (decades??), and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  (Of course, the fact that Dan at Sacred Tattoo Studio in Marquette is some kind of miracle no-pain tattoo artist helped a whole bunch.)







jacket: J.Crew blazer (size 0)

shirt: old Army of Lovers tank by Zoe Karssen (size M), but I’m loving the Zoe Karssen BeYOUtiful tank, Life is fun tank or her Girl Gang tee. Awesome.

pants: old Vince ponte pants…but these ponte pants by NYDJ look promising (and are 50% off).  I suggest hemming them so they hit right above your ankle bone for that 60’s mod vibe.

shoesSole Society Olyvia Heels in black white

sunglasses: Ray-Ban folding wayfers in blue



Now onto the fun part!  SHOPPING.

Sole Society has some ah-mazing patterned shoes at the moment.  Including (SWOON) plaid.  Here are my favorites:


Lastly, here are a few seriously cool bags for the office, as well as some fun baubles for date night.  (And a scarf.  Just because I love it and it happens to be on sale for $12.)



You with me on the patterned heels/flats/shoes in general?



A HUGE thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts, opinions and product choices are my own.  (And I was seriously excited about this one…I know several of you have been asking for more workwear articles.  And more to come!)

ps.  It looks like Sole Society just kicked off their labor day sale…yessssss…..








  1. awesome!! so under the place where you say “Lastly… I think you want the widgets? showing the scarf, baubles and bags…..well that space is coming up empty for me..

  2. I love the idea of a fun printed shoe with NO layers. It is blazing hot in California. And any clothes plus babywearing plus corralling two older ones in 100 degree weather is too much.

    I was wondering how I just noticed this tattoo. I love it.

  3. That business look…dying. It totally answers my “I haven’t bought a suit since before my kids were born but I don’t really need one often but I have some very conservative clients so I sometimes do but I work in a creative field but I don’t want to spend money on pieces I’ll seldom use” dilemma. More business ideas, please, for those of us who split time between the business of being Moms and the business of…business. Because that rocked!!

  4. I love your tattoo! I just got doodle that my grandfather drew for my grandmother on a post it everyday. It’s a face and the nose is an ILY. He would draw the face and they write his notes to her around it. “Be home at 12” or whatever. He also wrote the year they were married in the upper right hand corner every single day. I have tons of tattoos but it’s really my favorite. So special.
    I need to try some fun heels. Great post!

  5. Love those patterned heels and I JUST saw the Sole Society email last night about their sale. I’m currently debating on buying the animal print heels you pinned… they’re on SUPER sale!

  6. Great post, as always, thanks for being an inspiration, Shana! One thing I wanted to comment on is – while Vafa-Coffman Photography guys are awesome, for some reason I like photos that your husband takes of you so much better. 🙂 IMO, his photos work well for you and your style. Just a thought, no offense meant!

  7. The outfit with the suit is one of my all-time favorites that you’ve ever shown. It’s right up there with the Emerson Fry big cozy sweater, moto skinnies, sexy boots outfit that haunts me in my sleep it is so damn fabulous! And to round out my top 3 I’d have to list the dress and awesome heels that you wore at a blog conference (or something?) recently. Funny enough, they are the 3 outfits that are so far from what I ever wear. I guess they speak to me because I’m supposed to change things up??

  8. So I had to come back to this post to let you know that I bought these shoes on your recommendation and I am SO happy I did. Not only are they adorable but they are so comfortable! I am not the biggest heel person (I’m 6 feet tall so I don’t always like to be towering over others) but if every heel was like this I might just be in heaven. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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