Yum: Inflammation-Reducing Chicken Tacos With Grilled Peach Salsa




So….Mike and I are pretty great cooks.  Actually, Mike is downright amazing.  HOWEVER:  Should you ever come to our pad for dinner, you may leave wondering what the hell happened.  More often than not, we'll be running so behind that you'll have to help.  Our kitchen will be a disaster.  Something will have been horribly over-salted, and there's always – always – one epic failure.  (Sometimes we catch it in time to hide it from our guests…but not always.)  I once served "caramel apple sundaes" (my invention) that had the consistency of snot with suspicious bits of undissolved peel.  Sigh

So imagine our surprise when we perfectly executed an on-the-fly creation:  an insanely-healthy, inflammation-reducing take on chicken tacos…for over fifteen people.  It was so good, no really – SO good, that even people who were decidedly anti-kale gobbled it up.

Here's the "recipe".  (Before I forget it.)

This might be annoying, but we don't measure anything.  Which, in hindsight, might be part of our bad luck with dinner parties.  In any case, below are the rough steps.  



Raw chicken for grilling


Chili Powder Blend

Lime juice




Onion (red onion or scallions)


Balsamic Vinegar




Olive Oil




Corn Tortillas

Olive Oil


1.  Prep Grill

You'll be grilling some peaches first, then chicken. 

1.  Marinate Chicken*

Generously salt the raw chicken, then rub in your fav chili powder blend (we used Morton's) and turmeric.  Stick into a shallow dish, and squeeze lime all over it.  Let marinate while you work on the salsa.

*To make this dish vegan, you could easily sub in black beans for the chicken by sauteing them with the same spices as above.

2.  Make Salsa

Cut a bunch of peaches in half, grill.

Once grilled, pull of skins (they slide right off), then roughly chop the peaches.

Add in diced onion and cilantro (we did an entire bunch of cilantro, and roughly half of a red onion.)

Toss with a splash of balsamic and salt to taste.  (Add some, stir and taste.  Add more, stir and taste again.)

3. Make Kale Topping

Slice Kale as thinly as possible.  Toss with 1/4 c. of olive oil, 2-3 TBSP lime juice, 1 TBSP honey and salt to taste.  Set aside to soften slightly.

4. Grill Chicken

Once the chicken has finished grilling, either shred it or cut it into strips.

5.  Grill Corn Tortillas

Brush the corn tortillas with a bit of oil, then throw on the grill – just a few seconds each side.  If you over-grill them, just serve this as tostadas, instead of tacos.

6.  Assemble!

This is the fun part.  Throw some chicken (or beans) onto a corn tortilla, top with the peach salsa and kale salad.  Dig in!



Happy 4th, Mamas!



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