Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: 50 Under $50!

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Mother’s Day isn’t really about elaborate presents and expensive gifts but more about showing the mom in your life that she’s appreciated.  I myself am looking forward to relaxing and feeling pampered.  Maybe a bubble bath, some wine . . . I mean . . . a small gift isn’t really a bad idea, though, am I right??  So for whoever the mom in your life is (mother, wife, sister, friend – yourself!), we put 50 gift ideas under $50 together for you.  Lots of them help with that whole pampered and relaxed thing I mentioned . . . sooooo, Zack . . . are you reading this? Wink-wink.

1. Antica Farmacista ‘Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine’ Hand Wash: This is THE best-smelling hand soap I’ve ever smelled.  You have to smell it . . . and it’s the perfect gift because it isn’t something we’d typically buy for ourselves!

2. Body Lotion: Paired with the soap or by itself, this stuff is awesome.  I literally couldn’t stop smelling my hands after I used it.

3. Himalayan Candles Spice Tin Soy Candle in Ginger Patchouli: You have to smell this candle.  I never thought I’d like something with “patchouli” in the title, but this smells divine.  SO good.  (Ok, ok I’ll stop with the good smells now . . . but trust me, these are good!)

4. Hammered Copper Bowl: Love this bowl . . . perfect for decoration, holding fruit or serving salads in.

5. Love Picture Frame: Is anyone else as awful at keeping pictures up to date as I am?  For some reason pictures in frames seem to be a hassle.  This makes it much easier . . . just swap out pictures (or cards or invites you want to display) easily.

6. Quay Australia Paradiso Cat Eye Sunglasses: You have to check out the photo of the model wearing these to see how cool they look.  LOVE.

7. Nadri Wishes Crystal Ring: Also in silver and amazonite (a blue-green color), this is such a pretty ring.

8. Nickel & Suede Copper Leather Earrings: No gift guide would be complete without my favorite earrings from Nickel & Suede . . . I’m loving these copper ones, but there’s a ton of colors and sizes to choose from.  Super lightweight and comfy.

9. Rosanna ‘Dear Mom, I Love You’ Porcelain Tray: Always nice to be reminded you’re loved, right?  A perfect spot for your favorite pieces of jewelry.

10. Gather Bud Vases: I love these . . . it doesn’t take a huge bouquet to make a beautiful statement.  I’d love to put the wildflowers around our house in these for fresh flowers daily.

11. Stemless Wine Glasses: Set of 4 stemless oversized wine glasses that would be perfect to give with a nice bottle of wine!

12. American Atelier Ombre Decanter: Also available in gold or silver, this decanter is cool-looking whether or not you actually use it for decanting!

13. Glitter Water Bottle: This particular bottle has sold out, but I love this pink glitter bottle or this multi glitter one.

14. Baggu Nylon Tote: This folds up into a tiny pouch that you can throw into your purse or diaper bag for when you need it.  I use mine all the time . . . for library books, groceries, etc. this comes in so handy!  Available in a ton of colors and patterns and only $10.

15. American Atelier Goldtone Handle Decorative Tray: Also in black & gold, I love trays for displaying candles, magazines, books or flowers and serving drinks and apps.

Still looking for inspiration?  Check out more ideas below!

50 Gifts Under 50






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  1. traci mckennie on

    Thanks for this! Nylon totes are so cute–trying to get my mom into more reusable bags. Scotti, how can I easily find your previous posts of must visit places in Marquette? I’m flying in from Denver in June to visit family in Ontonagon, spending a day in Marquette for actual shopping and restaurants besides pasties-recommendations??

  2. Scotti,
    This is an amazing round up and thank you so much for keeping the price point below $50 I can actually afford almost everything on this list! This list is so perfect I’m going to be coming back to it for ideas for birthdays, Christmas, ect… thank you so much!!

  3. Love this! I REALLY hope you do a similar round-up for Father’s Day – I always struggle to find original and fun gifts for my husband!

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