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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always.

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Laura's fun, creative style is, as she says, "somewhere between J.Crew and Joan Jett" (YES.) and she delivers some mean dressing room selfies so keep an eye out for those. Fun fact? She loves high top sneakers and getting her hair cut and we love to see what she has up her sleeve.

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Meet Scotti, the contributor with our most-loved beauty advice. When Scotti's not giving us the scoop on the latest products and techniques she's dishing out some of TME's most loved looks. It's not easy to look so cute in the U.P. of Michigan (i.e. crazy cold and snow) but she always makes it happen.

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Linzi (or 'Linz' as we like to call her) is our reigning Queen of Comfort Shoes but we suspect you'll love even more about her style than what's on her feet. No matter what she's covering, you can count on her to do all. the. research.

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Amy, a toddler mama & Southern California photographer, brings trendy vibes, casual beach style + maternity & postpartum style insight to our growing team. Ps. she's a tall gal, too.

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A stylist, color expert, nature lover, and mother, Julieta empowers others to embrace their style, silence the fashion noise, wear more color, and feel like a million bucks every day. Proudly Colombian of Indigenous descent, her heart holds a special place for her homeland. She currently resides in the suburbs of NY with her loving husband and boys.

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Emily, aka The Pig & Quill, is our resident recipe developer-turned-Fashion and Lifestyle Editor. (You can still find her in the kitchen most days brainstorming ways to get dinner on the table faster and with fewer dishes.) Her style is unapologetically inspired by the Northern California Coast (think: casual, effortless and just a wee bit funky) where she lives with her husband, Chris, and their two girls.

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Meet our newest style contributor, Kat. Not only is she interested in covering fashion and body positivity here on TME, but she’s an all-organic, eco-friendly, SUSTAINABLE chick. Be still our hearts. To describe her style in a few words, she keeps things comfortable, classic & trendy. Keep an eye on her articles for the very best places to shop for inclusive sizing.
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Meet our resident artist/fashionista, Jess. Her creative side pours into her everyday style and it's oh, so good. Not only can she dish out packing capsule wardrobes, Jess can draw the dream wardrobe to match. We love to get inspired by her artwork and we think you will, too.
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Adobe-whisperer and magazine enthusiast, Jeni is in constant pursuit of all things cozy-chic, looks that are casual-yet-glam, and perfectly styled vintage trousers.
Danielle — easily — wins the most helpful award in almost every category. While her background is Design & Merchandising, she has become the TME jack of all trades, working on our website design, infrastructure and graphic design, in addition to writing articles. A lover of neutrals, she manages to come up with seriously cool outfits using basic wardrobe staples, is a whiz at distilling trends, and — thanks in part to her own style — is a natural at making practical outfits more interesting.
Incredibly creative and artistic, Abby is the one we turn to for absolutely jaw-dropping, stunning curation. She’s got a knack for finding hidden gems and has the ability to make any space beautiful, plus her own style is enviable. Abby is one of the few team members who is not afraid of color, so her contributions (both digitally and in real life) feel like a breath of fresh air. She manages to come up with options that are both wildly original…and exactly what we want to wear.
Lex is our resident nerd, watchful editor & Chief Innovation Officer. Voted most likely to win BIG on Jeopardy!, she keeps us ahead of the curve, whether in mapping out strategy that has us dropping content at the moment you’re Googling for it, or branching us out into new channels/ media & letting us know what trends are giving. If you sit in on any meeting, you’ll often hear the phrase, “Ok, so Lex was right…” With her own personal style (boots, dresses, scarves), she doesn’t consider herself a fashionista, but she is keeping us #well #sustainable #empathetic #inclusive #current #DownToEarth & #OpenMinded; her wisdom ranges from yoga home practice & Feng Shui-ing an apartment, to living overseas & crushing analytics.

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I'm not a mom but I could TOTALLY play one on TV. For now, I'm here to deliver your daily dose of millennial (:

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Sydney is the resident video editor and social media wrangler here at The Mom Edit (also reppin’ 1996 babies). She started as an intern in her third year of college, went away for a little to finish her video game degree, then came back for more. She may not be a mom but she is the Mom Friend with a Dad’s Sense of Humor. When not at work she’s either playing a game, working on a game, or trying a new bread recipe.

Anne is an educator by day and a writer by night as well as the co-host of the podcast Big Girls Gone Wild.

A native Midwesterner, she now lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two dogs She’s always on the hunt for styles that flatter curves, and hopes that her midsize picks might help others find something they love.

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Janice is a Taiwanese-American mom of two. She was born, raised, and is now raising her own kids in Berkeley, CA alongside her husband Mo, the most amazing life partner and co-parent anyone could ask for. She has been a long-time fan of TME, having first discovered ANMJ in those early post-partum days, filled with endless hours caring for a newborn and wondering what the heck to wear. She is beyond excited to be here, sharing about anything and everything. Want to learn more? You can also check out her Reader Q&A here.
Lemon is the author of novels, essays & rants. You can follow her on instagram @sarahnicolelemon
Wife, mama of 3, true believer in the importance of finding meaningful ways to stay sane(-ish) throughout motherhood, such as style blogging, making absurd videos on Instagram & hiding in the guest room. It's not always easy, but when it's hard...there's always Netflix. *peace sign*

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After multiple existential crises, I've been an interior designer, a store window designer, a personal stylist (when I want to say something fancier than friend who went to the mall with another friend to "help"), a teacher, an author and illustrator, a graphic designer, NFT creator, a t-shirt designer and cat and Broadway enthusiast. But NOT Cats on Broadway. Just cats, the animals. What have I learned through all of my careers? You can really do a thing and then call yourself whatever you want. No one will check. But before all of this, in the year 2008, I was a blogger. And now I'm back with my favorite blog of all time. Let's go.
We met Tiarra through one of our #TMEStyleChallenges and never looked back. She loves to mix it up with unique, affordable pieces and she's not afraid of a fashion risk. When she's not scoping out the latest trends for TME, you can find her soaking up some much-loved family time in Ohio.

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Dyed-in-the-wool New Englander, wife of a superhero and mum to 2 curly carrot-topped girls. Passionate about creating kid-friendly, beautiful interior designs that won't break the bank.
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Meet Meredith! After she coined the wildly-popular (and hilarious) term “Stupid Pants” and started our first-ever #MyHolidayEdit, we knew we had to share her with this entire community on the regular. Expect plenty of fun, witty articles, and warm-weather style (Meredith currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area).
Meet Chinny! From the moment we came across her Instagram (@chiniluv), we were smitten with her cheery feed and messaging. In her own words, she’s here to “delight, uplift, and inspire” -- and we just love that. Expect to see plenty of bright, fun colors & prints from Chinny. Her style is totally inspiring.
The Mom Edit Home contributor. Fierce lover of momming, 3 amazing kids, blessed with the most wonderful family and friends, likes coffee black, wine dry, chocolate dark, and salt chunky, resting position is in motion, particularly where salt water and wind are involved. Moderately obsessed with home design. Feels super lucky to be a part of this community. xo

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Allison is founder of Curio Design Studio , an interior design service focused on creating distinctive interior environments for new construction, whole house renovations and kitchen + bath remodels for modern families. She works locally with clients in Marquette, MI and virtually with clients nationwide. We're so lucky to have her design tips & tricks shared here on TME!

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Meet Tori, our newest Home & Interior Design contributor. Tori recently restored her 100-year-old home (it's beautiful) and now she's sharing her journey with us here on TME. Look to her for major design inspiration straight from her modern traditionalist eye.