The Bikini Guide: The Best Two-Piece Swimsuits Of 2024

The Mom Edit’s Bikini Shop* for 2024 is here! We’ve found the best bikinis at every price point, for every body (and age). Looking for bikinis for a smaller chest? We’ve got you. Super-supportive bikini tops that work for a larger bust, perhaps? Or a tummy control, two-piece swimsuit for postpartum mamas (think: high-waisted)? We’ve got those covered as well. If you’re looking to be more sustainably conscious or shop from Black-owned businesses…we have sections dedicated to that, too.

*pssst…if you’re looking for our top one-piece bathing suits, head over to our Swim Guide

We’re talking everything from chic black bikinis to bikinis with puffed sleeves to sporty bikinis and bikinis with the prettiest prints (to name but a few). As for some of our personal faves right now…Brown bikinis, red hot bikinis and ALL the stripes. Evidently, we couldn’t help but include some rash guards, too. They’re one of our favorite styles at the moment.

Over here at The Mom Edit, we truly believe that the only fashion “rule” is to simply wear what you love, wear what makes you happy. Every body is a bikini body! And, if we take a page from the fabulous 80-something-years-old women I saw hanging at the beach in Barcelona a few years back…when in doubt, go with a string bikini (J.Crew makes my personal fav).

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Shop your conscience….SUSTAINABLE | BLACK-OWNED

What bikinis are we eyeing for 2024? Stripes are really coming on strong this year, and the bikinis in checked prints, plaids and gingham are too good to pass up, naturally…we’re also still obsessing over all the brown suits.

As for the black bikinis…we have a whole (huge) section dedicated to this classic two-piece and the choices are far from boring, with a section for affordable options under $100, too.

A note about plus-size & postpartum swimwear: You’ll find our favorite plus-size swimsuits in almost every category below…but if you’d rather see them all together, we created a Plus-Size Bikini section for this purpose. We did the same thing for postpartum swimsuits, too — the best suits for postpartum (or nursing) are peppered throughout AND can be found at-a-glance in the Postpartum Bikini section.

Care about sustainability? All bathing suits that meet our definition of sustainable have been pulled together in a section called Sustainable Bikinis for ease of shopping.

Our Black-owned business faves: We have a section dedicated to Black-owned Swimwear brands. Keep checking back as we add more!

As always, many of our swimsuit recommendations are based on the emails and rave reviews of our readers over the years — so a huge thank you to those of you who have written in, left comments, or — even better — sent in pics.

The Simple Black Bikini (Over $100)

Like an old reliable friend — the classy black bikini. It’s available in virtually EVERY silhouette (there’s a ton of styles to choose from) and a black bikini always looks chic and cool. A timeless, classic style (but sexy). 


The Simple Black Bikini (Under $100)

That same timeless, classic style but at a more affordable price point.


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Bright & Bold Bikinis

Bright reds, oranges, yellows and pinks are always such a fun option, but it seems like each year the selection gets even better.


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White Hot Bikinis

A white bikini can seem intimidating, but it looks amazing on all skin tones. There’s something slightly sexy and chic about ‘em.


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Pastel Bikinis

The pastel bikinis this year are GOOD. From baby yellows and pinks to pretty blues and greens – there are too many amazing options.


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Earth-Tone Bikinis

Sunkissed bronzes, deep greens…those are the earth tones we’re talking about here. 


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Moody Blue Bikinis

We’ve been kinda obsessing over blue tones. Deep teals, navy, dusky blues. Anything that says moody.


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Brown Bikinis

Brown bathing suits will always be a bit of a favorite for us. From the dark chocolatey browns, to tans and mauves…LOVE. 


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A New Take on Animal Print Bikinis

Animal prints. We’re still loving them. But, we’ve become a bit picky with the type of animal print we like. We like a modern animal print with a cut that’s not too dated, but also not strikingly cheeky.


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Tropical Print Bikinis

The only thing a tropical suit requires: a fruity drink in hand. Ultimate warm vacation vibes.


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Striped Bikinis

Stripes have definitely changed over the years from nautical (although, we still love) to sporty and a bit more abstract.


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Pretty Floral Bikinis

You can never go wrong with a classic floral. They can go from romantic and a bit sophisticated, to fun ditzy prints.


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Dark Floral Bikinis

Just as good as a classic floral, but a bit moodier.


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Color-Blocked Bikinis

Oh, yes. Color-blocked bikinis are a thing, and we’re obsessed.


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Geometric Print Bikinis

Every year there seems to be a mix of super fun geometric patterns — mosaic tile prints, patterned shapes, interesting line-work…the list goes on. These suits are especially good for postpartum mamas. The distracting print helps camouflage the pooch. 


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Playful Print Bikinis

For all of the fun, conversation-starting prints that come in all lines and shapes. 


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Polka Dot Bikinis

A polka dot bikini? A forever classic.


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Bikinis With Checks, Plaids Or Gingham

From plaids to gingham…all the checked bikinis live here. 


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Boho Babe Bikinis

For the ultimate boho-babe look, try a crotchet or eyelet lace bikini or something with a bit of embellishment.


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Postpartum Bikinis

Look out for two-piece swimsuits with tummy control (high-waisted bikini bottoms), ruching or even color-blocking for the most foolproof postpartum swimwear. I covered this exact topic years ago, so check that out if you want to see some of these styles on a postpartum mama. (Julieta also re-created it with additional suggestions.) There are a bunch of suits above that would work for postpartum bodies, so don’t feel restricted to our faves below.


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Plus-Size Bikinis

These suits can be found above in the other categories, but to make things a bit easier…they’re all rounded up below. (And there are a few extras.)


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Rash Guards

Rash guards are quickly becoming a favorite for their practicality, flattering shape and playful look. They’re the type of suits perfect for chasing kiddos on the beach, and are an awesome postpartum option when paired with high-waisted bikini bottoms. And you’re not restricted to wearing it all day — you can easily wear a pretty bikini under.  


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Black-Owned Bikinis

You’ll find these suits sprinkled throughout the categories, but they’re also rounded up below! We’re limited in terms of what we can put into these handy shopping widgets, but you can find a more complete roundup of our favorite Black-Owned Swimwear brands here.


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Sustainable Bikinis

You can find these suits throughout the other categories, but we rounded them up all below, too!


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Don’t Forget The Sunscreen!

Find my fav sunscreen (for myself and my guys) below…


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