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I treated this as a dress rehearsal for next time, creating summer outfit formulas for sightseeing, a night out + the airplane flight. Of course, "summer outfit formulas" might be a bit of a stretch for London.

What I Wore In London (Summer Edition)

You just never know with London weather.
This south of France packing list (ft. midi skirts, low-rise cargo pants + more) has me dreaming of a summer vacation w/ cobblestone streets, sparkling beaches & full markets.

Packing List: South of France, Summer

Because cobblestones + heels don't go together.
I'm #RomanticizingMyLife with these Nordstrom Rack finds. From cashmere + cotton to crossbody bags + sandals, my end-of-summer wardrobe is on point.

Everything I Want To Pack For An End-Of-Summer Getaway

With an Aperol Spritz in hand.
Heading to NYC this summer & don't know what to wear? My go-to outfit formula centers around 1 key piece: a special midi dress that's lightweight, durable + can hide all the dirt of the city.

What To Wear in NYC In The Summer

There's nothing hotter than a NY subway.
From a day at the beach to date night on the boardwalk, Kohl's has everything we need for a chic, relaxing weekend at the shore. Think: swimwear, outfits & sun gear.

Heading To The Beach? Pack These Pretty Pastels…

I'm coming for you, Cape Cod.

Headed To The Beach? Don’t Forget To Pack These In Your...

Headed to the beach? Pack these...
The key to making a summer weekend in Boston enjoyable is knowing what to wear. Thus, the ultimate packing list for a jaunt to The City on the Hill.

Packing List: Summer Weekend In Boston

Boston and I are quite familiar acquaintances. I went to college in Boston. My sophomore year, I arrived early to work on an Emerson College...
These are 4 toys that my husband I now totally swear by for traveling w/ our toddler, arguably the only things we need to pack. That + snacks, lots & lots of snacks.

4 Toys We Swore By For My Toddler’s First Plane Ride

My little family recently made the trip to San Diego, my husband’s hometown, to finally bring our son there to introduce him to all...