We’re firm believers in cost-per-wear, in the curation of smaller, highly functional wardrobes. We believe not only in buying clothes you love, but buying pieces that work for your current lifestyle. The problem, of course? Finding these style pieces. Happily, this is where we can help. We’re constantly testing out fashion products (and sometimes these tests last years) to see if a product is, actually, worth the cost. So if you’ve ever wondered if you should buy that Burberry trench coat, if Louboutin pumps have been magically engineered to be comfortable, why Golden Goose sneakers are so expensive (or if there’s a Golden Goose dupe that’s just as good?), or even if that cheap Amazon bathing suit is actually — surprise! — a good buy…you’re in the right place. Furthermore, if ever there’s an outfit piece you find yourself eyeing up, dreaming about, or constantly wondering if it is as good as you think it could be…let us know. I guarantee others are likely thinking the same thing, and we’d be happy to put it to the test. 

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