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Weekend Ramblings

Weekend 7.16

Pics of the Universe spark awe, right? Hubble's successor, The James Webb telescope, certainly does. We're also eyeing sales at Nordstrom, Saks & Bloomie's, + more random fun.
You bet we're geeking out.

Weekend 7.9

We're bragging on our Philly Team during these busy NSale days, + blue sweatshirts, sneakers & tees. Check out some other trends...& crochet water balloons?
A round of applause (and margaritas) for our behind-the-scenes team.

Weekend 7.2

Celebrating democracy feels a bit paradoxical, but we've got a few distractions: cute tops, hiking boots, nipple stickers (I know!), a new Vitamix, perhaps, + more...join us.
Time to recharge.

Weekend 6.25

When coffee-pickup comes with a concerning surprise.

Weekend 6.18

Rain or shine, there's always joy in the last day of school. That little tidbit, plus top picks from our fave Black-owned businesses. Come on in!
The last days of school + fav Black-owned businesses.

Weekend 6.11

From the sweet sentiment of 8th grade promotion to cute denim skirts, the best backpack coolers, sunscreen, insect repellent + more. Here's what's on our minds.
It's the end of an era (the end of 8th grade).

Weekend 6.4

Can we manifest long life? Mike has the scoop (ha!). That yarn, plus pretty dresses, cute tops & a few reality checks (think: recycling & gun safety).
Weekend ramblings from S.

Weekend 5.28

Give your loved ones a squeeze.

Weekend 5.21

Teenagers, man. Savage.

Weekend 5.14

Circus or squadron? The latest from S , plus the usual fun finds.