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Weekend Ramblings

Weekend 5.6

Did someone say Dance Team?

Weekend 4.29

Adding 'more stubborn than dog' to my LinkedIn profile.

Weekend 4.22

Weekend ramblings, by S.

Weekend 4.15

Meet the newest member of the fam...

Weekend 4.8

Ending the season on a high note.

Weekend 4.1

I'm beyond "thoughts & prayers." We need change, so contact your senators. + much needed distractions: the perfect sneakers, outfit inspo, good books & comfort food.
Demand action.

Weekend 3.25

It might be spring, but ski season isn't over quite yet...

Weekend 3.18

Spoiler -- the delivery was worth it.

Weekend 3.11

Raines' face says it all.

Weekend 3.4

Competition season is *serious* business.