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#momlife We have a 14-kid sleepover (think smelly boys, girls playing in a fashion blogger closet) & we're highlighting some fun fashion & influencer finds. Jump in.
Weekend 9.14

I’m not good at…details. I’m what you call — if we’re being kind — a “big picture person”. Unless you are my older brother and then…

#momlife Weekend ramblings on the Wait Til 8th flip phone plan, fall fashion trends, gender-stereotyping book titles gone wrong & more...join us.
Weekend 9.7

I just bought Raines a flip-phone. Yup, you read that right: Flip. Phone. The cell phone that literally flips up, circa 2003. The one that is…

Style Labor Day...end of growing up....a need to slow down...we're talking about all of it, plus some fashion & holiday bonuses. Happy Weekend.
Happy Labor Day Weekend…

Well, we’ve had quite the summer. It was longer than usual — the kids got out earlier and don’t go back until Tuesday — yet the…

#momlife We're STILL trying get out of the house with kids, but while we're waiting for 'em we've got some fun fashion links, plus a few words on guns & immigration.
Weekend 8.10

My boys are driving me nuts. They’re not doing anything wrong, per se, they are just doing their ‘thing’. But I’m trying to get us all…

#momlife Reflecting on last week's fake wedding (aka 20th anniversary party), the VoloshinXTheMomEdit collection & a few fun links. Happy Weekend! #starstrucksince99
Weekend 8.3

On Wednesday, Mike and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I didn’t think we had changed all that much….until I found this photo. Not only is…

Weekend Ramblings
Weekend 7.20

The first week of the NSALE (and our prep leading up to it) always feel like some sort of alternate reality, so this snap (from our…

#momlife It's that time of year: the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming — BUT, we're keeping our coverage balanced. Check out the summer fun we're eyeing.
Coming Up This Week….

I’m a little late with my weekend post. Does anyone care? Nah. We moved out of our beach rental this past weekend, and have spent all…

Weekend 6.29

We went to the Princeton the other night. The Princeton is a….rather cheesy college bar in Avalon, NJ. I had never actually been there on a…

#momlife Kids with FOMO, The Hunger Games & parenting dilemmas. Plus, some cute fashion picks & our latest Dance Party In The Kitchen playlist. Enjoy!
Weekend 6.22

Pax’s FOMO is driving me crazy. (Note for Mom: ‘fear of missing out’.) His older brother, Raines, recently read The Hunger Games. By himself. He didn’t…

Weekend Ramblings
Weekend 6.1

On one hand I’m double-checking the date because how is it June already, and on the other hand we’re T-2 days of school left in the…

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