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Weekend Ramblings

Weekend 4.30

The story of tween + teen boys & clean rooms, plus long denim shorts, the jeans I'm loving now, oura ring problems, what we're reading & more.
Tween boys & clean rooms, plus the usual fun links from S.

Weekend 4.23

Toddler Mom Shana must move on to teens & tweens (sob!), plus the sailor shorts we're eyeing, a few chic jackets, vegan bowls for dinner & more. Pop a squat.
When suddenly they’re not toddlers anymore. (Plus the usual fun links, inside.)

Weekend 4.16

Well, we're finally packing up Vermont and heading back to Philly. We're both excited to be home and sad to leave Vermont. Our winters here have become so special - such dedicated family time. And the skiing is great (and frankly, why we're here), but there's something to be said for the whole slowing down we experience...

Weekend 4.9

My youngest son, Pax, qualified for USASA's snowboarding nationals, and has been competing at Copper Mountain all week. He's capable of seriously amazing things...yet still is, fundamentally, my baby.
Wow, Gang - this week has been quite the experience. Briefly, if you're new here (hi and welcome), my youngest son, Pax, qualified for USASA's snowboarding nationals, and has been competing at Copper Mountain all week. It has been a pretty epic week, as far as life experience goes, but a totally exhausting one as well. Pax was, overall,...

Weekend 4.2

We've got all the feels for the boys in the national ski champsionships (+ Denver) & I'm swooning for my Halfdays ski gear + Vuori's new swimwear. We've got a few more style tips, too.
We made it to Colorado! The boys have been training for the national championships all week (you can actually see them in USASA's IG. Raines is in the orange helmet and Pax is the snowboarder in the orange jacket/blue pants right after him), and we're all kind of just...delighting in Colorado. While it seems like we lived here a...

Weekend 3.26

We're mourning the end of ski season, plus eyeing up Bridgerton-style dresses, sleek tan booties & more cute style. Also, on our reading list: Rising Troublemaker...
It's our kids' last weekend on their ski team (they get so annoyed when I call it that. Technically, GMA is a competitive freestyle ski and snowboard club, aka "it's not a race, MOM") and the end of ski season always bums me out. The slopes are either icy or slushy, the base is basically covered in mud, and...

Weekend 3.19

We're enthralled with a Sci-Fi book we can't recommend enough, plus looking at cheeky bikini bottoms, Golden Goose alternatives, rag & bone's Miramar wide legs & more. Join us.
I can't stop thinking about this book I read a few weeks ago. It's called The Pioneer, and it happens to be written by one of our lovely readers, Bridget Tyler. I first learned about it while on a Zoom call with Janice Kao, in prep for her style & life interview. Janice is one of Bridget's best friends,...

Weekend 3.12

A tale of teens on a plane (& the things they say), plus jeans I'm obsessed with, a li'l St. Paddy's Day inspo (both in outfits & recipes) + sneakers to wear instead of Golden Goose.
We were down in Philly last weekend, and then the boys and I flew back up to Vermont on our own. Mike had to stay back a bit longer for work. Flying alone with the boys felt a bit like déjà vu: it's something I did allllll the time when they were little. Filled with nostalgia, I couldn't help...

Weekend 3.5

We'll never turn into our moms, right? Oh, how our perspective changes as kids grow. Story on that, plus low-rise jeans, a non-clingy slip dress, boleros (or shrugs?) & some recipe fun. Grab a cuppa.
Last year, about this time, I posted a photo on my IG account captioned, simply, “oh no”. It was a photo of Raines and I standing back-to-back...we were basically the exact same height. Now that photo makes me laugh. Not only does Raines tower over me, but I think his voice might be deeper than Mike’s.  There is now a man-looking-person where...

Weekend 2.26

It can be both, and....Between the news & life happening, we're experiencing quantum theory in real time (think: donating to Ukraine & playing Monopoly). But we've also got a bikini shopping guide & a few more distractions.
Quantum theory says that a single electron can exist in two different places at once. After this week, I would say the same is true of my consciousness. Over coffee each morning, I’d read something horrible --  the governor of Texas, say, directing investigations of trans kids in the hopes of prosecuting their parents as child abusers -- as but one...