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Weekend Ramblings

Weekend 5.22

Pax, at least once per week, has started requesting $10,000 w/ his Greenlight card. That fun story, plus the tea on tween suits, linen dresses, skinny jeans & more.
Do your kids have Greenlight cards? They basically function like debit cards for kids, but the parents can choose how much money the kids can access. So if you have a kid who's prone to losing his card (Raines), or a kid who doesn’t pay attention to how much he spends (Raines) you can keep that balance fairly low. However, it’s...

Weekend 5.15

We're talking LED light therapy masks, Colleen Rothschild beauty, some really cute TOMS sandals + vaccinated teens & more fun fashion. Join us.
Raines got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday. The FDA had just cleared use of the vaccine for kids age 12 and up, and my friends and I were all scrambling to make appointments. Which, quite frankly, we didn't need. Philly's vaccine response has been stellar, so we were able to easily walk up and get...

Weekend 5.8

He clutched her leg, looking around in wonder. “Too many kids” he kept whispering. “Too many kids!” A Target story, plus fun fashion for summer.
Scotti called yesterday, from Target. It was the first time her littlest, Ozzie James, had ever been to Target. I mean OK: the kid likely went as a baby. But once Ozzie was old enough to be aware of his surroundings, the pandemic hit and BOOM.  No Target. Scotti and her husband have been very cautious thus far. They were in a pod with...

Weekend 5.1

We've got kid duty laughs, fun picnic-season style (think sandals & coolers), plus baggy jeans, the old American whiskey, ways to help India + more.
We’re trying something new. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mike is on kid duty. Which basically means that I'm the one who gets to close myself in the bedroom upstairs and he’s the one working downstairs with the kids on Zoom school. This setup is…mostly working. My kids’ laser targeting systems are set firmly to ‘mom’, but now on Monday and...

Weekend 4.24

Snowboarding isn't our thing, but we're catching on. We're also shopping Reformation & Nordstrom's Open Edit + talking Row House Pub, SPF & anti-protest laws.
I peered up at the “super pipe”, the giant half-pipe at Copper Mountain, squinting in the bright sun. There was a little figure snowboarding through it, dressed in the same bright orange ski gear Pax wears. The kid was absolutely flying, somehow getting himself almost to the top. Confusing. We don’t have half-pipes on the East Coast (at least not where we’ve skied)...

Weekend 4.17

Tales of flying with the kids during coronavirus, plus spring denim inspo, Backcountry sales, fun w/ Philly accents & anti-racism greater than kindness.
As I type this, I am currently sitting on an airplane. The boys have some sort of ski/snowboard thing out in Colorado, the flight was bananas cheap so we were like…okaaaay? It’s weird, though. Being back on a plane. I had assumed that airlines would be booking planes half-full to comply with COVID regulations. I also assumed there would be something called...

Weekend 4.10

We're reflecting on injustice as it plays out in court & legislatures, plus cute everyday fashion, Tammy Duckworth & acts of kindness in the face of hate.
I've been a little quiet about recent events in the news lately (not my usual move, I know) but I’m having trouble sorting through my own messy thoughts, much less finding the right words. I keep thinking that long-lasting change probably does come with a certain amount of upheaval and discomfort and so maybe we are heading in the...

Weekend 4.3

The pleasures (or not) of staying in a hotel, plus spring delights like this cropped sweaters, cute slides & bold dresses. Oh -- and robots, too
This is our last and final weekend in Stowe, VT. It also happens to be our kids' spring break, so Mike and I both took the week off. Since we're already this far north, we headed over to Portland, Maine for a few days, and then came back to Stowe for the kids' final weekend with their ski/snowboard teams....

Weekend 3.27

I can't shake this feeling that EVERYTHING is about to change. Not just the end of a ski season, but the end of this historical moment, of life as we know it.
Well, our winter in Vermont is coming to an end. It was an absolutely amazing experience -- you Vermonters are lucky people. The boys learned so much on the hill out here, and we couldn't be more impressed with the Green Mountain Academy Ski and Snowboard Club. It was a refreshing break from alpine racing (which can get a...

Weekend 3.20

We're reflecting on an American reckoning & #StopAsianHate, plus talking mom-ish jeans, swimwear, teen capsules & more.
Mike has a new party trick (and YES: that photo is from the pre-COVID days). He is full of fun facts on each of our 46 presidents, thanks to the Presidential podcast he's been listening to for the past few weeks -- he's obsessed. Mike is usually on kitchen clean-up duty at the end of the night, and he's...