Welcome to our #StayAtHome Hub. As we all try to adjust to this new normal, we’ve rounded up the resources (websites, articles) we’ve personally found useful. Whether you are looking for ideas on how to keep your kids engaged, what to make for dinner, how to dress for that conference call, or what we’re all binge watching….we’ve got a little something for you.

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Coronavirus Resources

Reliable News Outlets W/ Free Coronavirus Hubs

How to Help & Give Back

Learn & Play For Kids

This. We all could use some ideas right now on how to keep everyone smiling and content and allowing Mom to breathe for maybe 5 minutes. We’ve rounded up allll the ideas from toys, crafts, books, study nooks… the whole shebang. 

Tips For Routines, Creativity & Fun

Extra Tips For Routines, Creativity & Fun


From masks, to self-care, to anything feel good, real or relatable — we’re here for you, mamas. 

More Support & Tips For Adjusting To “Our New Normal”

Exercise, Relax, Renew & Recharge

This is SO important right now. Even if you only find the time once in awhile, refresh and recharge! You deserve it. Whether it’s exercise or a doing a beauty routine, don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. 

Exercise & Relax (Indoors or Out)

Extra Resources For Exercising, Relaxing & Renewal

Book Recommendations

I think reading has helped A LOT during this time. Just escaping and focusing on something else for a moment, even if it’s a few minutes before bed… or doing the work to dig dipper into what’s going on in our world — we’ve got a lot covered. (There’s some for the kiddos, too.) 

Books We Recommend

Book Resources

TV, Movies & Binge-Worthy Shows

Movie night has a whole new meaning while we’re all pretty much stuck at home. That said.. have way too many suggestions..

TV, Movies & Binge-Worthy Shows Online

More TV, Movies & Binge-Worthy Shows Online Resources

Tips for Eating & Cooking During Quarantine

Food. Another simple pleasure that’s taken on a whole new meaning. A good meal at the end of the day can make everything a little bit better. We’ve still tried to keep them all pretty easy since.. well.. sometimes we just wanna throw things together and let it cook on it’s own. And quite frankly, I’m tired.

How to Eat (& Cook) During Quarantine

A Few Other Go-to Recipe Sources:

Comfort For You & Your Home

For all things cozy and making you and your space feel.. good

Get Comfortable

Stay-at-Home Style

Our style has definitely changed a bit with staying home.. think — house shoes, house dresses, loungewear and all the soft, cozy things.


Working From Home

Since a lot of us are navigating #WFH for the first time.. we’ve collected all the essentials, tips.. maybe some rants sprinkled in.. 

WFH Life. What to Wear For Video Calls (& Uhhh..Motivation)

Shop Small & Local

With the world we’re living in right now, shopping from small or local businesses is crucial. (And let’s be honest… they usually provide some of the best, most unique things you’ll have forever. And the FOOD. We can’t forget about the food. From a small mom and pop restaurant?? Always the best.) 

Local Love: Support Small Businesses