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My summer outfits need a revamp, so I found 7 key pieces (a mini dress & LBD, black pants, dark-wash flare jeans...) from Saks that would make my wardrobe feel fresh.
Did someone say...summer revamp?
The sales this weekend are on fire! Vuori loungewear, anyone? Or midi dresses from Gap? Oh, I know. You want summer sandals from Nordstrom. All that & more, inside!
Vuori has us buzzing...
OK, so, Gap is hot right now. I'm trying on cute button-up dresses, a must-have white denim skirt & the comfiest summer pants. Spoiler: They're on point.
Summer style, on point.
My hubs & I do what we can when it comes to date night...so we turn to Vuori for casual, easy outfits. Think: a tank dress for me + men's shorts & a polo for him.
Wake me up when it's the weekend.
These 5 summer hiking outfits (Danner boots, windbreakers, etc.) are cute on any adventure, whether trekking the Catskills or roaming the UP. Hit the trails...in style.
Let's call it..."granola-chic".