Swimsuits for Short Figures

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Hey shorties. Hey swimwear. It’s all good, mamas who also have to get out the step stool to put dishes away…I’m here for you. I’ve thought long and hard about a few swim options that trick the eyes into thinking we’re actually 5’10”. Ha. Well, OKAY not really, but we’re all about problem solving here at TME and today’s focus is on suits that flatter those of us with shorter legs and/or torsos. It’s not that you can’t rock whatever the hell you want to, but if you’re looking for some ideas that might look nice, look no further. Bonus: The J.Crew suits are on sale through Thursday night 11:59 pm EST on 6/14 with code SHOPTOIT.

The High Neck Top

This style of top is amazing for two reasons. One, it draws the eye up making your torso look longer. Two, it keeps the girls nicely in place while you’re swimming with kiddos, playing games, etc. It’s one of my favorite style tops. Loving this one from Athleta I’m wearing above. (which turns out is a bra…ha, but the fabric could totally pass for swim – in my defense, it was on a table with swim bottoms! This one is really similar but with a different back.)

Wearing: Athleta High Neck Bra | Athleta Notsostring Bottoms in Small

The Midi Top

The midi tank is great for shorter figures because even though it covers a bit more, it shows some skin at the waist breaking up your torso. The trick here, too, is to wear bottoms that are less contrasting with your skin tone to add length to your figure.

Wearing: Raisins Strapless Fringe Top | J.Crew Surf Hipster Bikini Bottoms in Medium

The Classic Bikini

The classic 2-piece bikini is another flattering option on shorter figures. This is the most torso-lengthening and again we’re using the bottoms that contrast less with my skintone to make legs look their longest. Stick to a bikini-style cut on bottom rather than one that comes farther down on the legs, like a boyshort, to again, give legs length. I love this top from J.Crew because it stays in place, is flattering and comfy. It’s one of Scotti’s favs, too!

Wearing: J.Crew French Crossback Bikini Top in Medium | J.Crew Surf Hipster Bikini Bottoms in Medium

The Cutout One-Piece

A one-piece with cutouts is one of the few one-piece styles that seems to be flattering for shorter statures. This gorgeousness in black and white is a little more covered, but still breaks up the torso and draws your eye up. Sadly, the one I tried on above is out of stock, but you can see how the style looks on someone 5’3″ at least! This one from Asos is super cute, too, but selling quickly.

Whew, you guys. The swim search is no joke for any of us, taller or shorter. I hope this helps with the hunt a bit for those of us who are slightly more vertically challenged. If you have any good recommendations that would fit these suggestions, please send them our way!

Happy Summer, friends!


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  1. Long-time follower here, just commenting to say your bod is ROCKIN’. Loved reading about your journey to finding an exercise routine that works for you and love seeing you show off your hard work in this post. You look strong, fit, and amazing. You go mama!

  2. Gah thank you so much! It’s always tough getting geared up to just throw bathing suits pics of yourself online, so your comment is SO appreciated. Hopefully some of the ideas are helpful to people!

  3. I think all of the options above are great (and look great on you!) but I’m loving the midi-top option. I could see that paired with a cute skirt for lunch or dinner after a day at the pool!

  4. Jennifer Chaparro on

    Love this! As a fellow 5’3″ mama here too. agreed, you look amazing!! and not easy to put swim selfies up on the Internet so go you!! I don’t do two pieces typically, but these are good options to think about. thanks!

  5. I like a 50’s style high waist bottom because it makes the short torso look like a style choice, if you know what I mean? Versus having the expanse of skin with no defined waist that you get in a regular bikini. But I also have narrow hips which doesn’t help.

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