Local Love: The Arden Children’s Theater (And How I’m Dressing Down a Fancy Dress)

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Have you heard of the Arden Theater?  It's one of our favorite Philly finds.  



The Arden is located in Old City, and is a real theater company in its own right, doing all sorts of serious kinds of theater.  But that's not typically why we go.



We go for the kids' stuff. 



The Arden does mind-blowingly amazing children's theater.  We've seen them perform Peter Pan (complete with clever stage tricks to make it look like arrows were whizzing by), a dark and brooding version of Cinderella (which was a though-provoking twist on the usual) and now?  

The Cat in The Hat.

This show is only 50 minutes long (no intermission) and perfect for little ones.  However, it's clever enough and funny enough that even Raines (my six year old) called it "awesome".  But Pax?  The three year old?  Over. The. Moon.



He has a love/hate affair with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  So stressful, this story!!  (Thing 1 and Thing 2 were my personal favorites – they were both so creepy!!  And thankfully, the show was filled with enough subtle humor that Mike and I liked it too.) 



But Pax loved, loved, LOVED the Cat.



And he really did hold the fish up with two books and a ship and cake and a ohIdon'tknow while he hopped on a ball.  It was great fun.

The Children's theater is small enough that you don't really need to worry about seats.  And bring cash – they sell popcorn and snacks in the lobby.



And because it's in Old City, there are a ton of places to hit for a quick drink and munchies.  I would NOT, however, recommend bringing the kids to Fork.  It's a favorite of Mike and myself, but kid-friendly?  Yeah….not so much.  

We only ended up eating there because of a sunny day and a misunderstanding and whatever.  To Fork's credit, they were very, very gracious.  The real issue was trying to order something for the boys.

"Do you two want the fluke appetizer?  It's like ceviche, which is raw fish marinated in some kind of acid to cook– no?  Um, ok.  Stinging Nettle?  …Smoked Yellow Beets?  …Rhubarb Consomme?"

They both looked like I had completely lost my mind.

"Well" I said.  "You're not getting the lobster."

In the end, Mike and I had the fluke and the boys had this:



It was a "sassafras chocolate mousse,vanilla cream and root beer tea".  Idonteven.  But everyone was happy (and the fluke was amazing – perfect with a glass of wine on a warm, sunny day). 



wearing (boys):

Pax – Fabkids jacket and pants, similar Gap button-down, Nordstrom Kid's Bow Tie, Vans shoes

Raines – Fabkids jacket, Appaman skinny pants, similar Gap button-down shirt, Vans flame shoes

You know how after your wedding is over you don't want to take off The Dress?  Yes?  Yestothedress?  So after all of my fun at the Reward Style conference last week, I want to wear this dress, like, everyday.  So I pulled out a styling trick that I actually used in the 90's, complete with a choker.  

If I'm going 90's, I'm going 90's all the way.  Go big or go home, baby.



tee:  Monrow Pocket Tee (almost sold out at Piperlime – try the v-neck or Revolve Clothing - they currently have all sizes.)

dress: Milly Contrast Trim Print Dress

shoes: Pixie Market (gone) – try the gorgeous heels I really wanted at emerson fry…or this more affordable pair)

necklace: Bauble Bar – similar short, chunky silver necklace

sunnies: Stylemint (old) – but I like these Jackie O inspired Ray-bans

bag: my mom's….try this silver clutch

bracelet: Faux leather cuff bracelet on Etsy



The Cat in the Hat runs until June 22nd.  For more information (including a video clip) or to buy tickets, click here




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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. How funny, the small city where I grew up (in Canada) has an Arden theatre as well. They put on a great Children’s show that involves the local kids every year. I loved it when I was growing up and can’t wait to bring my boys. I also love how you upped the cpw (or lowered? You know what I mean) of the dress!

  2. Love, Love, Love the Arden Theater – my boss is actually on the Board there and sometimes passes along free tickets. I took my two boys to see “Sideways School” just a few months ago and they were amazed by it – they loved live theater! They are dying to see the Cat in the Hat – I have to get tickets before it closes in June! 🙂

  3. I was just wondering if my boys were old enough for the Arden yet (4 and 2). I’m going to get tickets. I love your family-friendly recommendations (& date-night ideas, too…too bad Ballet X doesn’t have a spring season or that would be my birthday present!).

  4. Beth Vaccaro on

    After the kids shows at Arden we often go to High Street on Market, which is just next door to Fork and the same people. They are super kid friendly during the day. Try the adult shows. We have subscriptions to both the adult season and the kids.

  5. God bless the ’90s! You look amazing. I’m all for your ’90’s revival, complete with choker. I swear my style icon is Julia Roberts’ character in the movie “Dying Young.” Seriously. I wish I threw my entire high school wardrobe into a hope chest of sorts and could unpack it today. Sigh….

  6. Michelle C on

    Coming out of lurk-dom to just say, first, hello, but also that while I know the loss of your hair was traumatic and that the cancer itself was hell times infinity, your hair is so perfectly awesome for you at the moment. It exactly fits your style and I simply can’t imagine this outfit with different, longer, hair. It’s got the right amount of bad ass that somehow takes this outfit look into incredible land.
    As always, enjoying your blog.

  7. In the above post i should say that this long dress looking very pretty and long belies that she wear women should wear in malls ,you can wear with dresses its looks pretty. In the above post Bebe dress up very good the color of there dress is very bright Bebe should wear bright dresses.

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