Reader Style: Ankle-Wrap Flats For Short Mamas (And Triple Denim Awesomeness)

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I was delighted to get the following note from Laura:

Hi dear! So, as a short one under 5'4" I have trouble wearing many of these lovely ankle strap shoes, especially flats. Everything seems to cut off my already short legs and flats are already kinda hard to pull off. But. I found them. The cutest fancy flats ever that still flatter my short legs! 


The key is that the ankle strap and heel are nude, elongating the leg, of course, but still creating that ankle interest. The toe is a pretty black leather. They have lovely toe cleavage, too. Love. Please share with my fellow short gals who may be running into the same issues I've had for YEARS of searching the perfect black flats. 


Her flats are Isaac Mizrahi New York Evelyn flats, and come in black (as shown), white, red and gold.  All colors come with a nude ankle strap.  Laura, I seriously love these.  Thank you!





But let's look at the rest of her outfit (and that seriously cute baby).  I love the triple-denim play here (a triple header?  Ha, Ha…Ha I don't know baseball I shouldn't even pretend.  I'm sure my husband is banging his head on a desk somewhere.)





jacket: Gap 1969 denim jacket

chambray shirt: old American Eagle…try LOFT's soft chambray shirt

jeans: old A&F…but my Madewell's High Riser skinny jeans in deep blue wash are similar (and so comfy)

necklaceRobinson Lane Designs – fundraiser for Arkansas tornado victims 

sunnies:  old Ralph Lauren…try Raybans


on baby Sienna: 

shirt: Gap…but I'm loving this fox tee from SandiLake on Etsy

leggings:  Old Navy Ruffle Bum leggings (currently on sale for $4? Sheesh.)

mocs: mama-made (using this pattern)


Laura, you and Sienna look adorable.  (And I love hearing everyone's baby-name choices!)  Thank you so much for sharing the flats love and sending pics!  We love pics!!!!




ps.  Want more Sienna?  Laura has a blog


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