Holiday-Worthy Nursing Tops That Won’t Dull Your Sparkle

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Velvet Peplum top

I’ve made it my mission to find Holiday-worthy tops to wear while being a nursing mama. Breastfeeding is not an easy task. I may not like my lopsided boobs, or my always-changing cup size but I’m grateful I can do it and one way I like to honor this body of mine is by finding cute and stylish ways to dress while nursing. That’s why I’ve rounded up the best nursing friendly sweaters for this cold season first, and now I’ve searched high and low for Holiday-worthy nursing friendly tops so we can all shine this season. Keep reading for my highly edited picks:

Gorgeous Wraps

The wrap style is a nursing mother’s best friend and luckily, very on trend. There were plenty to choose from but these are my favorites:

Flowy High-Necks

Who says we can’t wear high-neck tops? They just need to be flowy and not too long…for me, I get stressed with a lot of fabric to pull up.


Buttons, snaps, hook and eyes are other go-to’s.

Off the Shoulder

For the risky ones who go strapless! I do it sometimes if I really love the top.

Gorgeous Top Layers

This is the easiest way to be comfortable and still look amazing. A great layer on top of a basic outfit. Yes, even your nursing tops.

Chao, chao


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