Super-Cute Kid Sneakers

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We love hand-me-downs in our house, but we do not do hand-me-down shoes. My younger son wears hand-me-down school uniforms, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, button downs, fancy Indian clothes, and even socks — all from his older cousins, his older brother, his older brother’s friends, and his older brother’s friends’ younger brothers. Phew…that was a mouthful…all of that to emphasize that we really have TRIED to do hand-me-down shoes as well, but it just didn’t work. Especially as my kiddos have gotten older and bigger. They are harder on their shoes and the shoes are DONE when they’re DONE. They don’t have much support left, they’re grungy, they sometimes have holes where little growing toes poked through, and often times don’t smell very good. So… everyone gets one pair of new sneakers come summer and everyone gets one pair of new sneakers come winter. Done.  

One pair of sneakers is kind of a lot of pressure, though. The kids have to really love them since they are going to be wearing them EVERY single day. My older son (as usual) is all about practicality. “Can they get wet? Can I put them on in less than 2.5 seconds so that I can stay in bed 2.5 seconds longer in the morning? Are they good for jumping off of things? How about jumping on to things?” My younger son is a little more in to style. He likes bright colors and his go-to look is wearing stripes from head to toe. He does want his shoes to be “fast”, though….I wish they had that in the shoe blurb — “guaranteed to make your 5-year-old fast enough to keep up with his 10-year-old brother and his 10 year-old-brother’s friends on the walk to school.” 

Right now, I think there’s a pretty great selection of super-cute sneaker options that would please a lot of different kiddos’ preferences and requirements. Almost all the of the ones below come in sizes for both little and big kids!

My Favorite Kids’ Sneakers: 


Super-Cute and BOLD

Super-Cute and GLITZY

Super-Cute and MELLOW


Any other brands you guys love for kids’ shoes? Would love to hear from you.



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  1. I highly recommend See Kai Run for kid shoes. They are flexible, durable, and fun. The styles are more traditional than the athletic shoes in this post (sneakers, mary janes, boots) but I love them.

    • Oh I love See Kai Run too. They are so cute and I also love the flexibility….I just wish they came in bigger sizes. My kids have already sized out of them….great for toddlers and pre-schoolers, though, for sure!

  2. Maybe it is a West Coast thing but Converse is King in my kids’ world. Both my 11 and 7-year olds spend most of the time in Converse. My 7-year old also likes her Plae shoes a lot and they both wear Keen sandals in the summer and Crocs for too-lazy days.

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