Any long-time reader knows how much I luuuuv a bright lip.  But when hanging out with two very kissable kiddos, I have to find a lipstick that won't smear all over their faces (or mine).  

Hello, lip stains.  

I have a few favorites (remember this old article?) but I'm always – ALWAYS –  on the hunt for new ones.  So I thought I'd start sharing my little lip stain discoveries, the good and the bad. 


The Product:  Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Ink in Red Essence, $14






The Good:  The product goes on fairly sheer; color builds with additional coats.  After a short drying period (a minute or two), even multiple coats will have a matte, non-sticky finish that won't kiss off.  Because of the buildable color, this is a good product for anyone new to the bright lipstick game.  Also formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  It's only slightly drying (which is impressive for lip stains), and is the kind of thing I can throw on and then forget about.  In terms of longevity (compared to other lip stains), this one falls somewhere in the middle. 

The Bad:  I don't love the smell (ever since pregnancy I have super-human smell) or the slightly chemical taste.  And while the finish is decidedly non-sticky…there is a lingering….tackiness that remains and makes my lips feel weird.  Lastly, it tends to wear off in the middle first, leaving a lip-liner-like stain that drives me nuts.  

Would I buy it again?  

While I think it's a perfect starter lip stain, because of the taste and lingering tackiness, I probably won't buy colors that I can easily find elsewhere (like the Red Essence  I'm wearing in the pics).   However, Sephora does a great job of formulating trendy colors that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere.  For example, Magenta Ink has a subtle purple undertone that is really on-trend.  (I also have Tangerine Ink which is a dark, orangy-pink coral.)  


The Product:  Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry, $20




Well, now that I've blotted my lip stain on Raines' cheek, let's try that again on the other one.




The Good:  Super-intense liquid color with an easy-to-apply wand.  You can even get that nice defined edge (without using lip liner).  This stuff is for serious color-lovers, however.  It dries – quickly –  to a completely matte finish, and won't kiss off (once you blot it – see above).  Additionally, once it has dried, my lips feel pretty normal – I forget I'm wearing anything.  (Until I look in a mirror and then BAM – all I see is lips.)  This is one of the longest-lasting lipstains I've ever tried, and surprisingly non-drying.  I once wore Lime Crime into the shower…and re-emerged with PERFECT LIPSTICK.  

The Bad:  You have to be prepared to blot it well and let it dry, otherwise it gets all over your teeth, clothes, etc.  For this reason, I rarely take it out of the house.  Lime Crime tends to be something that I put on in the morning and then touch-up with gloss later on. (I am horribly klutzy with lipstick and attempting to use something as pigmented as Lime Crime in a public bathroom far exceeds my abilities.) Also?  I once wore Lime Crime into the shower…and re-emerged with PERFECT LIPSTICK.

Would I buy this again?  

Oh heck yeah. I haven't found a lipstick with the intensity of Lime Crime, much less a lip stain.  Truly a unique product.  In addition to Suedeberry (a bright coral), it also comes in Pink Velvet (an intensely bright pink) or Red Velvet (sadly, now sold out everywhere).


More to come!  (I'll be highlighting Tarte's next week….let me know if you've run into any other fabulous options….)




  1. Seriously love this article!!! I don’t want lipstick stains all over my girl so I just don’t wear lipstick. Excited to see what other lipsticks you feature.

  2. I gave up all kinds of lip coverage when I hang with my boys (which is uh…all the time) because of my inability to hold back a kiss so this post is perfect! Your test subject is pretty adorable too!

  3. Ha! In our twenties this post would have been about a “man kissing test”. Now it is babies. You know what? The baby test is way cuter and more fun!

  4. Hi! You should try mood changer lipstick. It’s truly kiss-proof and *bright.* There are different kinds besides the green ones. I have a purple one and it turns kindof bright magenta on me. It’s a little too bright for me, actually, but I think you would love it. =)

  5. The product is listed as Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Ink in Red Essence, $14
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