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Seriously...can we talk about periods? More specifically, period underwear? At this point in my period underwear “research”, I’ve tried Thinx, Ruby Love, Cora, The Period Company & Uniqlo.
Do they work, how to wash them, and the best pairs for every, uh, flow.
Between these 4 performance apparel pieces & the other Vuori items I own, it’s fair to say that, at 2-ish months postpartum, I’m wearing something Vuori at some point in the day, every day.
A round of applause for Vuori, everybody.
Top 9 pieces I'm seriously loving.
Soft...flattering...(pretty standard for Vuori)...this is the best jumpsuit I've ever worn. RUN--don't walk--to add this ridiculously comfy romper to your wardrobe.
This jumpsuit is back for 2022!
Halfdays came out with bib overalls (yayyyy!!) & an extra-warm puffer jacket. They also expanded their colors. But I've been meaning to talk about their baselayers — some of my absolute faves.
What's new with Halfdays, and a special discount code juuuust for us.
When your basic outfit needs a little something.
Biossance just launched their exciting new Sunshine Set, Reese Witherspoon’s clean beauty faves for radiant skin. Think glowy, think dewy, think healthy, think hydrated…
Sponsored by Biossance and ShopStyle Collective Biossance just launched their exciting new limited edition Sunshine Set, Reese Witherspoon’s hand-picked essentials for radiant, summer-ready skin. Think glowy, think dewy, think healthy, think hydrated...all the yummy summer stuff your skin loves! This new limited edition Biossance set is GOOD, you guys! Not only does the Biossance Sunshine Set include three of my...
It's technically springtime, but as I woke up this morning we were greeted with a lovely little snowstorm. At any moment we'll have sunny skies and temps in the 50s because, well, that's just northern Michigan for you. I'm always tired of my winter sweaters and boots by this point, but naturally, it's not quite time to slip into...