Holiday Style: Glam Up Your Momiform (AKA Your Daily Mom Uniform)

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Mamas, this is so similar to Sex Up A Day Dress.  Basically, just grab a bunch of glitzy-glam accessories, and pile 'em on!  Add high heels and a clutch, of course.  

The thing about this styling tip that I really, really like is this:  It forces you out of an accessory rut.

Since I really found my own personal style during the minimalist 90's…I tend to be accessory adverse.  If I adorn, it's usually with one statement piece.  Add a belt too?  Crazytown.  I tend to live by that old advice, "look in the mirror and remove one accessory".  It's Coco Chanel, for crying out loud.  How can that be bad?

  The thing is…whenever you start any fashion rule with "always"…you're eventually going to get yourself in trouble.  At some point, somewhere, your own rule will hold you back.  At best, it'll hold you back from experimentation, at worst…15 years later you'll realize that no one else wears hair scrunchies anymore.  Know what I mean?

So experiment.  Especially during the holiday season.  The holidays are filled with so much stuff:  lights, tinsel, glitter, shiny objects, bows, ribbons, BAM BAM POW….you really can't overdo it.  You'll just look…festive.  

So here's how I used a little BAM BAM POW to transform my typical daily momiform into something ready to party…


(wearing Playground:J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Black Watch $68, Levi's 535 skinnies on sale for $35, old boots but found similar on sale for $119)

(wearing Party: shirt above, Stylemint Lola black skinnies $60, Aerosoles Tapestry Pumps in red suede on sale for $49, vintage bag - similar at Target $15, headband is ancient but am loving this one for $38, old Chan Luu necklace but think this would be MUCH better)

A few notes:

  • See my statement necklace?  It's hard to see, isn't it?  Like I mentioned the other day, I really need a new one.  The ideal situation is when there's enough contrast between your shirt and your necklace to really make the jewels pop. Dark-on-dark lacks oomph.  
  • I love how clean a button-down + necklace looks when buttoned all the way up to the top.  HOWEVER…it's important to show some skin.  So roll up the sleeves.
  • Because this outfit is so casual, you can get away with a fancy updo, and still not look stuffy.  (If that's your thing.  I am hair-styling challenged, so I wore mine down.)  It would be fun to see a fancy french twist with a sparkly comb sticking out.  


I also asked Cam how she'd take her daily momiform out on the town.  She came back with "how about a graphic tee?"



 (wearing Day: A+ro sweater or similar on sale, Forever 21 tee or similar $15, Jbrand jeggings $118, Steve Madden Troopa boots $99, Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag $155)

(wearing Night:  Forever 21 tee or similar $15, Jbrand jeggings$118, Forever 21 blazer – S loves this one, Express clutch or similar $25, earrings DIY, bracelets Old Navy, Target wedges $30) 


There's lots to love about Cam's outfit…here's what jumps out:

  • A blazer adds instant sophistication.  Even with a graphic tee, she looks ready to go Out (with a capitol "O").
  • Because she's so covered up, I love that she shows a little wrist and ankle.  In fact, her skinnies are so perfectly hemmed (sheistall*cough*amodel*cough)…that I want to run right out to the tailor.
  • Again, check out the glitz:  big-girl earrings, shiny bag, glam cuff
  • See her shoes? They are colorful, without "matching".  The lesson?  Don't over-think it. 


And MAN…that girl can rock a sexy look.  I need to take notes.  After Wednesday's sex-kitten-gone-wrong pose, I attempted to redeem myself.  "Mike, does this look sexy?" I asked:


"Sure, Babe" he responds, shrugging his shoulders.  And then seeing the look on my face he quickly corrects, "I mean YEAH!  Sexy!  Yeah!"

Sigh.  Clearly, I need to practice Cam's glare.  So. Awesome.



ps.  See the rest of our 2012 Holiday Style Guide for Lazy Mamas here.




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  1. Like I said…Shana … should post your outfit daily…! for those of us who need all the help we can get!
    Wore shades of white to my office party! felt like I was so different and cool!…

  2. Ok, Cam’s glare is definitely cool, but don’t count your crazy/sexy/reckless abandon out! Loved it. And LOOOVE that the rocking options in these holiday posts offer up some killer ideas for mamas without killer legs. Thanks, S!

  3. Hahaha. Scrunchies… Claw clips were big when I was in high school. Yeah buddy! I had every crazy color imaginable!
    I know you already said you’re on the hunt for cool statement necklaces, but I was wondering about grabby-hand friendly choices. Also, can a gal wear fancy, collar-style baubles with, say, a turtleneck or low cut shirt? I don’t own a collar necklace, but I’ve seen some I sort of fancy.

  4. I totally remembered this post while dressing for a casual party tonight. I grabbed my favorite fitted flannel (FFF) and paired it with purple cord ankle pants, purple flats and some fun jewelry. Party-ready, but most importantly, comfortable! I never though of dressing up my flannel so thanks for the ideas!

  5. Okay, totally used this formula for the preschool auction/holiday party! I didn’t want to be too dressed up but wanted to be festive, skinny cords + fancy top + velvet blazer worked great.

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