Am I Too Old or Too Short For These Jeans? (#CroppedFlareProblems)

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So.  Here we are again.  About to delve into the depths of one of the trickest denim trends ever:  The Mom Jean aka Cropped Flares.

Looong zipper?  Yup.  High-water hemlines? Oooohhhh yeah.  Giant-Bum potential?  That, too.

But if there’s one thing fashtory has shown (that’s fashion-history, babes), it’s that trends, when they reappear, often reappear differently.  So while haters of this trend will be quick to dismiss them as ‘mom jeans’, they are a far cry from the jeans the SNL crew made fun of so long ago.  And unlike the era of true mom jeans, these jeans aren’t being worn with kitten sweaters and ‘World’s Greatest Mom!’ tshirts.  This is the denim of choice for the millennials.  This is where – and maybe you’d better sit down – this is where denim is heading.

So like ’em or not, I predict that cropped flares will be soon be as ubiquitous as skinny jeans.  And I’ve been blogging long enough to remember the screaming, the outcry against skinny jeans.  You swore you’d never give up your bootcut Sevens, NEVER.

I don’t believe in chasing trends for trends sake, but there’s something to be said for staying somewhat modern.  And like most trends, there are many ways to interpret.  Hate the high waist?  Even a lower-rise looks current with a cropped flare.  And even the word “flare” is relative.  Some cropped flares are barely more than a glorified skinny jean, while others bell out dramatically.

Here’s The Story

I mentioned last month (in our Fall Trends article) that I had been really struggling with denim this year.  There are so many iterations of cropped flares, and since they’re a new silhouette, I haven’t quite figured out how they work.  One pair I was drawn to was Current / Elliott’s ‘The Original’ Crop.  They looked like the right mix of nerdy and cool.  So I ordered them.  Aaaannd….well.  It was terrible.  So I started all over, only to end up with the same pair of jeans in my shopping cart.  Huh.  So I ordered them again (fate?) – maybe I missed something the first time around?


Make the Twenty-Something Try Them On

So the jeans show up, and I ask Gwen, my assistant, try them on.  Gwen is a tall, gorgeous, 20-something, and if she can’t pull these jeans off, they’re officially dead to me.



WHOA.  Gwen can pull them off.

“AHA!” I said.  “But how do they look…with flats??”  Gwen, in a Raines-like moment, could only find one flat.  (My house is a disaster.)  But it was enough:



Okokok….even with flats, Gwen looks seriously cute in these jeans.

Now Let’s Have Fun With The Forty Year Old

OBVIOUSLY I was missing something the first time around!  I mean…not only does Gwen look cute, she looks downright….hot.  “I love these!” says Gwen.  So….FINE.  We swap jeans, I put on some sexy heels and walk back into the studio.  There is a minute of shocked silence.  “How….is….this…possible?” Gwen muses.  “Your shoes are cute enough to save almost anything….

Yeah – almost anything but these jeans.



What am I doing with my life, what am I doing in these jeans, how does one end up here???  (Also, ignore my shirt – it looked better in person.)

We tried the obvious thing, rolling up the cuffs:





What Went Wrong?

First of all, they’re too big.  I ordered YET ANOTHER FREAKING PAIR OF THESE JEANS, one size smaller.  Tried them on and….nope.  They looked only marginally different.

Gwen and I and the rest of the TME team (who were DYING with laughter over on our slack channel) were baffled.  But one thing was clear, I was either too short or too old for these jeans.

Which one??

Ruling Out ‘Too Old’

To solve this denim dilemma,  I recruited one of my besties, A.  She’s roughly my age, but happens to be a six foot tall stunning blonde (who hates having her picture taken but loves me enough to do it anyway).

So. I ordered more jeans in A’s size, then gave her a call when they came in.  True to form, the day of the shoot, A shows up at my door in her running clothes with no makeup and a sweaty ponytail.






I had to put her in Mike’s shoes, for crying out loud.

Ruling Out ‘Too Short’

Ok, now that we figured out that age wasn’t the barrier here, I put the damn jeans back on.  And instead of comparing where her hemline hit to mine, we compared the overall difference of our leg measurements.   The difference was huge, roughly 6-7 inches.  So that’s how much we rolled the jeans.


Current / Elliott Original Crop (size 24 on me, 25 on Gwen, and 27 on A)


Success!!  All these jeans needed was a smaller size, and a very aggressive crop!


It’s Cropped Flares Week!!

I promised, back in September, that we’d dedicate some time to figuring out this tricky trend.  So we’re kicking off Cropped Flares Week!  For the next week, at least once per day, one of the TME staff will weigh in with their take on cropped flares.  I challenged each of them to find their favorite pair of cropped flares and come up with a few styling ideas (understanding that epic fails are also OK).  The catch?  At least one of their cropped flare outfits must be with flats.  Good or bad, the gang will be dishing up some ideas to help with #croppedjeanproblems.

And if you guys have any specific styling questions, upload a pic to Instagram and tag me (@shanachristine) and use the hashtag #croppedjeanproblems and we’ll try to address it on Instagram stories or Snapchat or something.

I haven’t yet returned these jeans…but neither have I worn them out yet either.  What to do, what to do?  I already own a few pairs of cropped jeans….pairs that I do love – and I’ll be sharing those pics with you next week sometime (you may have seen this one already on Insta – mod ankle boots seem to make #croppedjeanproblems go away).  In the meantime, here are my very favorites:



Happy Cropped Flares Week!



ps.  Found a pair you love?  Let us know in the comments!!



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  1. Not hating on this trend AT ALL but is it reminiscent to anyone else of the flared capris of the early 00’s? I specifically remember an AE pair (lowrise, no doubt) that I was thankful to bid farewell too that are V. Similar to these silhouettes. Anyone else??

  2. I just….. can’t. They are just not cute, at all. I embraced skinny jeans, but I’m not on the cropped flares boat with so many other more flattering options.

  3. This may be a dumb question, but can we take a pair of old bootcuts and crop them ourselves? Or is there a secret ratio that will make that look homemade in all the wrong ways?

    • Hi Catherine,
      I did just that. … I took an old pair of bootcut jeans, and I cropped them. I wear them with black pointy flats. I love the way they look.. the crop it’s about an inch above my ankle bone… I always receive compliments when I wear them too…so I say …Go For It!!

    • Ditto all the way to this – just chop longer than you think you intend to want it – you can always go shorter, but once you hack off too much. . . Well, I may be speaking from experience. But yes – definitely doable. The main difference is that the rise may be shorter than on these newer pairs – but that can be dealt with through creative top-pairing. And no $150 price tag! Happy hacking!

    • YES!!! Absofreakinglutely. I didn’t want to do that to my old bootcuts, simply because most had an almost tragically low rise, and I wanted to mess with the high rise. But yes- this trick works great.

  4. So if the trick is to have an “aggressive crop” – what do you recommend for someone who is 5’6 short legs who doesn’t want to cuff them? Since most of the hems are the raw jagged hem, makes hemming them a challenge. All of these cropped flares hit me at the ankle. Not a cute look. Is my only option to roll or cuff them?

  5. I am so torn on this. I strongly believe in staying current as I hit 40 in April, but ugh. I’m 5’3″ with SHORT legs, I think this may be impossible. This post did make me laugh out loud though. I so appreciate your candor!

    • This is my #1 #croppedflareproblem tho may be due to the overcropping I did on my pair. #oops Will be staying tuned for some strategies!

    • This is exactly why I don’t see cropped flares becoming as common/accepted/popular as skinny jeans. Half the country has numerous months out of the year when they HAVE to wear socks and have ankles covered. I’m in MN too, and very often one needs full leg coverage from November all the way through April. Sometimes October through April! Just not practical.

      • Agreed! I live in Portland, OR. It rains usually from October through April( I love it though!) We need full coverage here! lol!

        • I’m in Portland too! These jeans might work on some in the summer? But I just can’t see it here. Wet and cold ankles aside, I can’t get over the high waist/short-looking legs combo. Just not flattering. But thanks for being brave and giving it a try (and giving us a giggle)! Love you guys!

    • Another MN girl here. My first thought was LL Bean boots, but, the truth is, I don’t want the cold air touching my skin, I think I’ll pass on this trend. Some trends aren’t worth the trouble.

    • And another MN girl here. I’m also skipping this one due to the fact that I can’t bear uncovered skin here in the winter! And winter lasts through April sometimes so this one is just a no go for me, I think.

    • I agree! I love the look, but as an upstate NY gal, how do you translate winter appropriate leg/footwear to the trend? Cute heeled booties are not going to cut it :(. Can I look modern and not slip on my ass doing it?

    • I wear mine with Smartwool knee socks (the suuuuper thick ones) and those mod, higher shaft ankle boots. I think LLBean boots would totally work….and maybe even these Sorels?

      I have Sorels at home – will try them on and Instagram the combo.

      My other thought….tall boots? I used to sneak them underneath boyfriend jeans in the winter…why not cropped flares?

      Ok – I have some work to do. I’ll try and do some quick pics and whip together a post.

      • Would love to see this post Shana! I am on the verge of considering this trend. Laura’s post with the ankle boots and dark wash jeans did it for me…but living in Boston, the snow and slush and cold have me wondering about practicality…

  6. Seems to me that the main problem with these is that there isn’t much of a “flare” component. I’m not much of a fashion expert, but I have cropped a pair myself and like the reader above, have received compliments. I’m. 5’2″…

    • I’m 55 and 5’3″ and have worn LOFT kick crops for two summers in a very dark denim. I love them. Haven’t tried them with boots yet but I love them with flats or heels. They work for me because the flare is a bit more subtle than the ones in this post. I don’t think I will wear them for the Midwest winters and I think they are a bit goofy looking with boots. I’m trendy, but old;)

  7. I *LOVE* them but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to transition them to fall. I’m 5’11” and I have a little baby so I’m not a fan of wearing a jean that I need to wear heels with. Anyway! I love AG’s version and also J.Crew’s.

  8. I do not love the wash of the ones in the article. Maybe because my sitter in her alternative 20 something ness has all of her jeans in this retro wash… but I do think that cropped flares are awesome if the flare isn’t so huge and they fit in the waist/hip. Keep the big flare for the floor and a more demure kick for the crops IMO. I’m reluctant to get on board right now since Winter is Coming and all but that means 50 for like 3 days in January so I should probably just do it.

    • Yes! The wash of these jeans just isn’t right. I like Shana in the IG pic from the movie screening. There is something about the high rise and color of the jeans in this article that I just find so unflattering. And I don’t think that jeans should be this difficult to figure out!

  9. I’m a long time reader (since before the name change), but this is my first comment. Very excited about this week! I’m loving crop flares, but am also wondering what I’m going to do with them when winter arrives. I bought the Seychelles Imaginary boots for fall, but not sure those are going to cut it when it gets really cold. Looking forward to any advice you have.

  10. Dear God. How long will this last? Where do I get good skinny/boot/anything else but this jeans ASAP. Preferably to last me longer than this tragic crop business that is clearly meant to torment long torso/short legged ladies.

  11. You are all gorgeous and I love this blog, but remember how this used to be called Aint no mom jeans? Those are mom jeans. They aren’t doing it for me on any of you.

  12. Christy Hartman on

    I think I like TME fashion fails more than fashion wins, they are always hilarious! But I gotta disagree, they DON’T look good on your hot friends (kudos to them for trying). But I do agree they look ridiculous on you, glad we could agree on that.

    Cropped, yes. Flares, yes. High rise, yes. Cropped high rise flares look like a five year who couldn’t decide what color she wanted to paint with so she used all of them, and it turned into an amorphous brown blob. All they need are rhinestones on the back pockets, holes at the knees, and patches and you’d have every trend at once. Okay okay, rhinestones are not a relevant trend, but just picture that perfect denim train wreck. If you can find that and do a post about it I’ll give you a hundred dollars! 😉

    I can’t wait to read the rest of the comments!

    • I kind of like the idea of embracing all the trends at once, making them the ‘over the top’ jeans of the year. I think some huge embroidered butterflies on here a la Valentino with some ridiculous shoes would make them great. Honestly, I could get behind “the perfect denim train wreck”.

  13. For shorties like me (I’m 5’1″) it matters where the flare starts, since I usually have to hem regular jeans about 6-8 inches, I sometimes end up hemming the entire flare off. In short or petite sz, if the flare starts near or just below my knee, it works better.

  14. Just no. Those jeans are so bad. The wash, the high rise, the long butt, and no flare.
    I can’t get behind this trend, it looks like high-water bell bottoms.

  15. Hahahaha! Love this post and am super excited to see the posts this week brings!
    Just one thing, am I the only one who thinks/thought “mom jeans” essentially just means outdated out of style jeans, as opposed to a specific style? Yes, back in the day the “mom jeans” were ones the looked awfully similar to the jeans in this post, but they weren’t in style then, which is what made them mom jeans…….

    • I agree with the second part of your comment 100%. The “new” “mom jeans” are bootcut 7 For All Mankind with the A pockets. Anything that is about a decade out of date.

      I like the kick flare crops in a black or dark wash. Looks French-chic. But, only with heels! I refuse to do this trend with flats!

  16. Nononono!!! Sorry to disagree, but they are terrible even on your hot friends. They manage to make them look far shorter and plumper than I’m sure they do in real life. Hoping this trend passes quickly and that you stop trying to give it more air time…

  17. Sorry you are all lovely women, but I don’t think any of you rocked these jeans including Gwen or your tall friend. The pants are just not flattering especially in the bum or crotch. They scream mom jeans. This is a good reminder of wearing stuff that flatters rather than following every trend.

  18. I’m loving crop flares and I’m excited to see how you all style yours this week. I have a BR pair from last season that are great and I’ve got 2 pairs of the LOFT ones to try on. I do prefer them in a darker wash, and all of the ones I’m trying are much darker than the CE ones. I wear them with flats, oxfords, even sneakers. I like them with a top with a welt or something boxy and a little cropped, but some type of structure at the waist seems to be important to making these work on me.

  19. I adore you all for trying, but life is too short to wear the latest jeans “trend” that just isn’t good. I’m jumping on the find what works for you bandwagon and saving my money for the things I truly love, instead of buying into fast fashion or trends that I don’t care for. If you *truly* like it, more power to you. But there’s gotta be something better than reordering multiple sizes in something you’re not sure you’ll even wear out of the house. That’s just too much.

  20. Gap’s cropped kick jeans! I’m 5’1, 112 and obviously ordered the petite, size 25 or 26 both works for me. I’ve been wearing them daily for school pickups, target runs, grocery shopping, with Supergas, with heels, with Vince Nina flats. And they’re not too high rise so it won’t choke your waistline when you’re sitting down!

  21. Wow. So many comments already. Clearly we all have some questions and strong feelings on this trend. I found this trend comical last year but when my daughter asked for mom jeans for Christmas i found myself trying them on and ended up loving it!! My first pair, the ones i *borrowed*from her, were from A&F. I know!-but the rise was perfect, the stretch, and the flare. She ended up hating the look on her and moved on.
    I LOVE them with the sock type ankle booties you featured before and theyre kinda cute with socks and heels when it cools off. Please try the FRAME denim. Thank you for tackling this trend and please please help us with full outfits for it. I agree, i dont think its going anywhere!

  22. I ordered two pair of Banana Republic cropped flares earlier in the year. I am 5′ tall and they came in petite sizes which were perfect because I didn’t have to chop them and lose the already distressed frayed hems.

  23. Love this post! This is exactly why I follow TME. I worked at a boutique back when skinny jeans first came on the scene, and at first everyone said they hated them, that they were SO unflattering, and that only tall women with no hips could pull them off. And they were SURE the trend wouldn’t last a season because no one with hips could wear them. Haha. Looking forward to this week!

  24. I have to say, those look exactly like the 80s/90s Levis I just picked up at Goodwill for $3 and hacked off. Like, exactly. The color, the high rise, the wedgie. I’m not in love with the flare, but am okay with a wider, straighter crop. I’m struggling for winter, but am playing with wearing my old heeled tall dress boots (they fit fine under the looser leg versions) and cuffing them a bit. Ankles covered, socks on, might work. As I lean toward a straighter version of this crop I also have worn them over older Frye harness boots, again, cuffed a bit. The flare on the other options is just not working for me.

  25. Shana, I love you and this blog but those jeans are doing scary things to everyone’s crotch area. I’m looking forward to seeing your other picks as this is trend is want to try!

  26. I love your dedication to this trend, and really dissecting it is fun to watch/read. But, I just don’t find them flattering on anyone ever.

  27. It’s not you, it’s the jeans. These jeans aren’t the best or super flattering on anyone. While your subjects didn’t look bad in the jeans, they jeans didn’t do anything for them. I wore these when I was in high school and about 15 pound less, and even then they weren’t awesome. There’s no reason why now, 2 kids later and at age 41 they’re going to rock my world. As my mom says, “If you’ve worn it [a trend] once, you don’t need to wear it again.”

  28. I found a pair of these with a very slight flair from Target’s “Who What Wear” collection about a month ago and the price was quite reasonable (can’t remember exactly how much). I bought them online and actually was SHOCKED at how well they fit through my waist/hip area. I tend to have a terrible time finding pants that fit the smaller waist-bigger bum situation I have going and these jeans fit and were actually comfortable! My only issue is that they’re not quite short enough on me (I’m 5’4″) and could stand to be hemmed a tad, but with winter in Michigan coming I’ll probably wait to do it until next spring when I can get more use out of them.

    • I was just going to comment about the Who What Wear cropped flares! I tried them on in Target and was shocked by how great they looked – especially the bum. They felt like expensive denim! They are $35 and come in black with a frayed edge or a dark wash without a frayed edge. I ended up not buying them because they were just a little too long (I’m 5’2). But now I’m thinking I might give them a shot and shorten them on my own.

    • Youre SO right!! I tried these on today, they were $34.99 and fit great! An awesome way to give it a try without spending like its your investment jean. Plus why not if the fit and stretch is great!!

  29. I’m here to be the no-fun person who says it’s a shame that so many commenters seem to equate curves with looking bad. These jeans make your friends look curvier instead of straighter. Why is that bad?

    But also, I’m not trying these jeans – I have had it with changing denim trends. I’m tired of feeling suckered into buying hundreds of dollars worth of new denim every 2 years to keep up with trends. It’s all mid-rise straight-leg for me from here on out.

  30. As a big fan of this style, I suggest you all try J Crew’s amazing Teddie pants (and Sammie corduroys). They are a truly fantastic version. I am a short-legged 5’4″ so I get all pants hemmed anyway, and crop flares are no exception. Let’s be clear though: Some of you may hate crop flares, but allow me to correct you, Shana: Crop flares are NOT Mom jeans. Go back and watch the original SNL “Mom jeans” ad (hilarious, w. Tina Fey). Mom jeans are pleated, elastic-waist jeans that may have a higher rise but are in no way cropped and certainly don’t flare. If anything, they are high-rise, pleated, slightly slim-toward-the-bottom (but not skinny) jeans. That style is pretty universally unflattering. The styles that are current now have the high rise, but are straight or boot cut, then cropped. I agree that the ones that have a true slight flare at the bottom are the most flattering– what sometimes gets called a “kick flare.”

  31. Oh, and on the cold-ankles problem for winter: Angie at YouLookFab (another excellent style blog) suggests nude knee highs under mid-rise boots. Sock boots are ideal because they maintain the slim-underneath look of bare skin.

  32. Agree that almost any other style would flatter all of the beautiful women modelling these jeans more than what they have on in this post. Just not flattering. Might be the combination of the high rise and the crop flare, but whatever it is, I say skip this trend and move on!

  33. I’ve jumped on this cropped bandwagon big time, I’m hoping I can make it work for a Maine winter. I’m thinking bean boots or other too work, then change to oxfords once I’m there. I don’t care that I have a long torso and short legs. I love it!

  34. I just gotta say this post and all the comments provided some great entertainment while holding a sick toddler.

    I’m reserving judgment on this trend. Like others have said, a lot of us (including myself) had a tough time with skinny jeans at first and swore we’d never wear them. Yet here I sit in my skinny jeans. But to be fair, a lot of the early skinny jeans did look pretty terrible. New jean trends take a while to sort themselves out. If this one sticks then I bet in a year or two there will be a lot of flattering washes and fits. I’m old and boring so I’m happy to be a late adopter.

    • Annie I agree! I recall my first attempts at skinnies was bad, but I tried again a year or so later and got hooked. They improved in my mind. I’m guessing like you said, this trend will stay but be a bit more refined in a year or two. I will also be waiting for that to happen!

  35. I’m curvy, 5’3″ with short legs and LOVE the Madewell cali demi boot jeans. I did chop them off about an inch to get them to be cropped on me. These are so much more flattering than skinny jeans.

    • Yes!!! A slight flare is super flattering on a curvy shape. Much more so than skinny jeans that emphasize your widest part. Flares balance and accentuate the curve instead of aggresively pointing it out. Yes yes yes. I wish more women realized this. And sock boots that dont offer a huge contrast lengthen!! See Shanas IG- dark cropped flares jeans+ black sock boots= amazingness

    • I was going to suggest the same thing! I have them in black – love the raw hem & def think black is the way to go with this trend if you’re on the shorter side. I’m 5’3″ too and it was good to hear that you liked them about an inch shorter… I’ve been meaning to do this but hacking into nice jeans is scary!

  36. I am confused bc the Current Elliott crops you linked to are described at “straight leg” and they don’t seem to have any flare at all in the pics. Is that part of the problem maybe?

  37. Following trends is often more about being interesting and current, not 100% figure flattering. Let’s me be honest, if flattering is my only priority I would have to forego anything that wasn’t a green colored fit and flare mid thigh dress with heels. That would be so boring!! Branch out a little! Be thankful that trends are skewing high rise!

  38. i never usually comment, but had an observation…. not sure i am ready to jump on the cropped flare trend, but given that this is a style blog, and that we are trying to figure out how to make a trend work — to me, based on the pictures above, it looks like it’s a proportion thing. it’s not the most leg lengthening silhouette, so you need to maintain at least a 1:2 ratio between torso and legs for it to look balanced. and a more fitted top/shorter vs blousey and long (especially if you are petite), because shana, your body looked completely overwhelmed in fabric when you had the blousey top + 1 size up. and maybe other stuff to draw the eye up, like jewelry, cropped jacket, or hair up in a bun. …just some observations. i still have to figure this thing out myself! : )

  39. I liked skinny jeans the first time I saw them, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few pairs. I abhorred this style at first glance, and second, and third, and so on… Basically this style would never look flattering on my body, and I’m super clear on that. Every season brings new trends, and with all the new ideas floating in the ether, you can always choose to forgo one that totally sucks. I think these are best left to the super ironic dressers in our universe–mostly those model-looking 20 somethings you see wearing purposely bad fashion and ROCKING it on the train–because that’s exactly what they are: ironically bad. They simply aren’t meant to be flattering, and at this stage in my fashion life, I just don’t think that looking purposely bad fits my aesthetic! LOL!

    Truly though, I agree with the many readers above who posted that even the women they “work” on do not look good. The light wash is definitely part of it, because in a pant cut like that (again, unless 90s Levi’s butt/poofy crotch is your goal), I’d think darker was better. The extreme flares, with their raw hems and giant bells are just so Gilligan’s Island to me. Just pair them with a graphic tee that says, “I was stranded on an island for 102 days, and all I got was these lousy jeans!” and you’re set. Do not love. Will not wear. You are the cutest Shana, but there is obvi a reason you haven’t worn those in public yet, and I’m guessing it’s because you have an infinite number of jeans who make you feel like the badass, hot mama that you are! And shouldn’t that always be our goal? To get out the door in something that makes us feel amazing? I remember heading to elementary school in clothes my mom picked that I really didn’t like, but begrudgingly wore. At 37, I’m not down to second guess myself or feel less than fabulous all day long ever again.

    I AM, however, looking forward to having some good chuckles at the inevitable cropped flare fails.

  40. I applaud your bravery and I totally hear you on the skinny jeans argument. But….. I’m just not seeing it. Part of it, I think, is the styling? Those black heels you wear with the high vamp… not doing your legs any favors. Don’t get me wrong, the jeans were too large and too long, but a sexier low vamp or simple strappy nude heel would have been wildly better.

  41. Ya’ll are cute, but just. No.

    I’m 6’1″, so arguably the person who wouldn’t have an issue with this particular trend. They look like I outgrew my pants. I already have a hard enough time avoiding this look when buying jeans. Again, just no.

  42. “fun with the 40 year old” — LOL. This post just cracked me up. The jeans are totally hip, even though they somehow simultaneously make the hips appear thicker and the legs shorter. Somehow it all adds up to cool. I have no idea why. maybe because it’s new?

  43. I still hate this trend BUT I love your dedication to breaking it down and giving me a good solid belly laugh while you’re at it. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll come around…

  44. What do you do if you have a booty and a thigh and are 5’2? Can you rock this trend over 45 and hourglass figure? Discuss!

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