March 11, 2017

Sole Society & The Incredible Power of Us as Women


Sole Society’s theme for this month is “The Power of Us” and how important strong women are in our society, homes & world…and it’s perfect timing. These past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman, but also how my daughter, Maddie, sees me as a woman. What am I teaching her? – as a wife, mother, nurturer, creator & even blogger. Also, in how I treat other women. How I shape her view of what a woman is and what a woman can do for the world around her…that’s so very important to me.

I know she will look to me, as she grows up and comes into her own…and I want her to grow up feeling confident in the person her mother is, the person she looks to and leans on, but even more importantly…to feel confident in the woman she is slowly becoming. I want her to be able to realize her tremendous self worth, stand firm in her beliefs and realize the blessing she is and will be to those she comes across in life.

On that note, I’ve been wanting to start a garden with her for years now. I know, random…but it actually does tie into this. I keep making these semi-commited promises to get it all together this Spring and actually make it happen. Maddie is so excited by the idea and keeps asking me, “can we grow pretty flowers, mama?!”.

I took her to the nursery…hesitantly, because I didn’t want to 100% commit yet. I have a serious black thumb and keeping plants alive is not really my forte. Well, of course she LOVED IT and wanted to bring home every flower. eeeeeeeee. Yay!













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Seeing her so excited and dedicated to our garden, made me realize something –if I get past my own fears and hesitations and follow through with this, if nothing else, I will have shown her that we can plant, cultivate and (hopefully, *fingers crossed*) grow something together. Even if every. single. plant dies, she’ll see that we put our all into it and did it together.

outfit details

necklace: Sole Society Opal Choker, c/o – love how dainty it is. Looks great with a simple top. See below for more dainty necklaces.

top: Tuxe Keynote Bodysuit – Special promo code just for TME!  Take 40% off of this bodysuit (plus free shipping) with code KEYTOSTYLE.  I’m a big fan of Tuxe (I think I have three bodysuits now), because they are so well-made and incredibly comfortable. I don’t have to worry about my shirt riding up or my undies showing when I bend over. See below for more of their bodysuits.

jeans: Levi’s 711 Skinny – great jean, but looks to be almost out of stock everywhere. Levi’s 721 Skinny jean looks awesome though.

bag: Sole Society Codiie Cross body, c/o – great in both colors, but love the dusty pink for spring…looks great with light denim and a white tee. See below for more get-up-and-go handbags.


shoes: Sole Society Leigh Lace-up Sandal, c/o – I wanted a versatile, wear-everyday-type style…and well, here they are. I love that I can just…throw them on. See below for more of my favorite sandals.


So. Here’s to gardening and here’s to us women! We hold a lot of power, just by being women. Let’s use it for good – for ourselves, our daughters and everyone around us…because #ThePowerofUs is pretty dang powerful.



Thank you, Sole Society for sponsoring this post!

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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.

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  • Jessica Trimble
    March 11, 2017

    Have faith! Even the best gardeners have things that don’t go well. My parents have been doing it for 40 years and some years are great and some are less so. The joy is in the journey. Enjoy it!

    • Camille DiPaola
      March 12, 2017

      Thank you! I need to be patient with myself, which is hard for me to do…which is probably why I haven’t eyen attempted a garden before this. Cheers.

  • Christy Hartman
    March 11, 2017

    Cam, you look amazing and I like what you wrote.

    Help me out here TME. Every time TME brings up Tuxe body suits, I want one UNTIL I think about the laundry. It’s not just that they’re mostly dry clean only, but because the underwear are attached, you can only wear it once before needing to launder (I would hope people wouldn’t wear underwear more than once before laundering! Eewww!). And that sounds like WAY too much maintenance for a shirt. Especially for a mom! So what am I missing here? I mean, I like the idea of a perma-tucked shirt but it just doesn’t sound worth it to me. Unless, there’s a laundry hack I don’t know about? Can you detach the undies part and wash it separately? What am I missing here; your recommendations are usually more pragmatic?

    You talk a lot about price per wear on this site. My time is valuable, so the price per wear just doesn’t compute. But I’d love to be proven wrong. Why are Tuxe bodysuits worth the time and effort?

    • Camille DiPaola
      March 12, 2017

      So. I am about to admit something that may be a little TMI and maybe questionable, but I wash the bottom part in the sink…and let it dry, without getting the top part wet. 😀 heh. It isn’t perfect, but it works for me. See. The thing is, I have tried cheaper body suits, say from…ASOS and you can tell that they are made more cheaply. The fabric just doesn’t feel the same or lay the same. TUXE does a fantastic job with fantastic material. Yeh, it’s more high maintenance, but I think…in the long run they last longer and look much nicer. I hope that helps!

      • Christy Hartman
        March 12, 2017

        Cam, thanks for the info. It’s good to know what works. Do you also hand wash the tops when they are ready? Or do you dry clean them?
        I pretty much never dry clean.

  • Kerri Cole
    March 12, 2017

    Did you purchase the taupe or cognac sandals? The color of your shoes seem darker than the taupe ones listed on Sole Society. Thanks!

    • Camille DiPaola
      March 12, 2017

      I replied to your comment via e-mail, but want to make sure you got my response…they are the taupe! The photo edits makes them look a bit darker than they really are. Cheers. 🙂

  • kallahrachel
    March 14, 2017

    Love this!! And those sandals!! swoon

  • thekl
    March 14, 2017

    Just FYI Levi’s 711 Damage is Done has a very similar vibe and they are *perfect*. Real denim feeling, destroyed, a tiny bit darker than these, they look like real levi’s that got worn out, not fakey as some destroyed denim does. $40 and *perfect*.

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