Mom Street Style: Melanie’s Sophisticated Navy and White

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IMG_4345 Gang, meet Melanie.  She had biked to Lower Harbor Park to catch a cool breeze before dinner.  Impressively, Melanie biked down, pulling a chariot, while wearing white trouser pants and a button-down.  She's my new hero.  

You know I love the navy + white combo.  And I'm also loving the wicker basket on her bike.  Wouldn't a straw diaper bag be so cute with this outfit?

Melanie's trouser pants and top are Calvin Klein, her sunnies are Oakley's and her flops are Tevas.

Wanna see how we met?


Awwww….little Ava was so adorable.  Pax wasn't quite sure what to do when faced with a baby his size who so outpaced his own social development (ah, boys).  They had the baby version of this conversation:  

Ava:  Pax, here – let me get that hair off your face.  

Pax:  Wha?

Ava:  There.  That looks better.  Don't you think that looks better?

Pax: Um –

Ava: Isn't this a beautiful night?  What could we do on this beautiful night?

Pax:  Uh-

Ava:  I think we should crawl around and feel the grass between our fingers.  Really feel it.


Ava:  No, Pax!  Not eat the grass!  Feel the grass!  Can't you feel it?



Boys crack me up.





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  1. I’m more impressed that she rode the bike in flip flops than I am about the trousers! Flip flops are always a disaster anytime I do something even mildly athletic. Is it just me?

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