See that smug little grin?  It’s the grin of a Mama who has found the perfect swimsuit.  And Abigail really did – wait until you see it.  Even better?  Reader Elizabeth also wrote in with three seriously good options.  Let’s do this!

Abigail’s Find

I received this sweet note from Abigail – I found her perspective and words so uplifting, I hope you do too:

Hi Shana (and ladies!),
I can’t believe I am even doing this, but Scotti’s last swimsuit post inspired me. I love one of the comments saying that if your beautiful friends were quick to find fault with their pictures, (and here we all are commending them for their bravery and beauty) then maybe, just maybe we (I) look better than we give ourselves credit for. It is hard to look at myself objectively when all I am confronted with are photoshopped pictures showing perfectly tan, dimple free, toned bodies.
I commend you for taking REAL photographs, for letting us see REAL bodies-bodies you have worked hard for, bodies that have worked hard for you, bodies that have given birth, bodies that go to work everyday- and for letting us see that REALNESS.
Nicole-one of your commenters- recommended this swimsuit and on a whim I ordered it, skeptically (as I have a hate/tolerate relationship with swimsuits). Lo and behold when it arrives it’s…perfect. I feel fantastic in it and I don’t think that has ever happened before. I feel sexy for my husband, appropriate to chase around my Littles at the community pool, and comfortable in my own skin in this suit. Not an easy combination to find!!
So thank you Mom Edit team, for this community of support you have created and that you continue to nourish.
(So without further ado..and wishing I had a bit of liquid courage and a tan- ha!- here is me in the suit)

Abigail, this suit looks AMAZING on you.  No tan or liquid courage needed!  (Although I know from experience that liquid courages makes “photoshoots” – or whatever the heck you call what we do – soooo much easier, haha.)  And Nicole – thanks for commenting, linking to a suit, and helping a mama out!
For those interested, here are some fit notes from Abigail:
I ordered this suit in a small and on average I am a size 6. I tend toward pear shape and definitely have a perma-pooch due to a C-section. I am also small busted and I felt that the built-in cup lining didn’t squish me down either. I really think I have found my “miracle” suit ha! 😉
Next, I also received this email from long-time reader Elizabeth (Hi Babe!).
So, I have decided to step up to the plate and participate in the bathing suit posts. Yikes. I was one of the commenters that said that I felt like a wide range of body types was not represented. And then I read the size range that Scotti’s friends represented and thought…maybe, just maybe, I’m judging myself too harshly and I don’t look as bad as I think. It’s still pretty obvious that I am not built like any of Scotti’s friends (or anyone else that shows up in a bathing suit here 😁), but I really love your blog and feel like, for the most part, I can still pull off most of the looks I find here, even though I’m…thicker than you girls. So, in the spirit of being a good sport…here it goes.
These are the three suits I bought this year. They are all from Victoria’s Secret (I’m a sucker for a buy more, save more sale). They’re all surprisingly good quality with very supportive fabric. The black and white striped is my favorite. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, the bikini is still in the shipping packaging on my bedroom floor. I take it out every once in a while to see if I’m brave enough yet to actually wear it outside the perimeter of my room (not yet, apparently!) The white suit was sold with the cross cross front styling, but I don’t think it lays as nice that way. I think it looks better just as a halter. Plus my 9 year old daughter is super concerned about it being a choking hazard! 😂😂😂 So, here are my pictures. Thanks for inspiring me to be braver, and cooler, than I thought I would be at 41. With 5 kids!

Elizabeth’s Fav

Elizabeth, I’m so with you – this suit looks so freaking good.  I mean, I could get all creepy about it and start talking about how it makes, your, um, chest look good, but let’s just leave it at….flattering.   And cool!  This style is so much cooler than anything our mothers wore, amiright?  (Sorry, Mom!)

The Halter

Elizabeth, this one is great, too!  Just add giant sunglasses for a glam beach look.  So good.
Sadly, this suit is completely sold out.  I couldn’t find a similar white one, but J.Crew makes one in a smiliar shape (ruching, halter, etc), as does Tommy Bahama.

Drumroll please….the Bikini

Elizabeth.  Babe.  I LOVE this one.  Like…..really, truly, crazy love it.  If I saw you wearing this on the beach with your five kids running around, I…well, frankly, I wouldn’t even think twice about it.  I would just think there’s a hot mama wearing one of those bikinis that I’m too short to pull off.
High-freaking-five, Babe.  You look sexy and happy and gorgeous.  It’s a really good look on you.  🙂
Elizabeth’s top is sold out, but J.Crew has a similar style that you can choose both band size and cup size (up to DD), or this brightly patterned bandeau top goes up to DDD and would look seriously cute with solid bottoms.  The bottoms are Victoria’s Secret Classic High-Waist Bikini, $12 (on sale!)
Abigail and Elizabeth, thank you both – so much – for being such good sports.  Taking pictures of ourselves in swimwear is just a weird-feeling thing to do, and I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate it.


  1. Elizabeth, KUDOS, but based on the photos, I have to say that the 2pc. is my fave on you. ROCK IT GIRL! Looking into the Kenneth Cole floral one too, as Abigail and I have similar body types, and she looks so so good.

  2. Elizabeth, that two piece looks AH-MAZING on you. For real – we have somewhat similar builds and seeing you gives me the confidence to try a two piece. And also, five kids? You rock on mama – if I saw you at the beach, I would salute you with my sunblock bottle. And Abigail, I love that suit – the colors and cut are gorg.

    • Thank you! It’s so crazy nice to read that i gave someone confidence to try something! Just do it! If nothing else, the wonderful comments from others are a total ego boost. And yes five kids. I’ll be the lady on the beach, maybe in a bikini , constantly counting heads!

  3. These are great options! Love the floral Kenneth Cole and I think the two piece looks amazing on Elizabeth–my favorite of the three!

  4. Love these! Thanks ladies for showing is these suits!! I’ve been tempted to try the high waisted bikini & you may have swayed me!!

  5. Mamas, you both look amazing!!! I am also pear-shaped and have a very similar suit to Abigail – I love it, and get lots of compliments. I also highly recommend this style to similarly-shaped mamas!

  6. Agree on the two piece for Elizabeth – you rock it!! Love that floral – I clicked over to Amazon and I think Abigail looks better in it than the model!

    • Andrea, are you sure your monitor is focused? 😉 haha but seriously, your comment just made me smile-like a big, silly grin kind of smile 😉 Thank you so much for that 🙂

  7. Abigail – That’s a fantastic suit! It looks great on you!
    Elizabeth – Amazing suit choices! The striped one-piece and the black bikini are my favorites.

    Both ladies, I live in Southern California and go to the beach at least once a week. I see bodies of all ages and shapes in swimwear of all styles. You both could easily wear your swimsuits without having any reservations that you chose an unflattering suit for your body type.

    Can I say that everyone is their own worst critic? No one should be afraid to wear a swimsuit at the beach. My sister in law hides under clothes every time we are there, and it’s such a shame. She misses out on water play with her kids, and, frankly, it’s ridiculous. She sits there complaining that she “can’t” wear a swimsuit. Aargh!!! Granted, she is not a svelte woman, but who cares?! There are lots of people in varied stages of fluffiness having a great time on the beach in their swimwear – and nobody cares (or even notices) one bit! That’s the way it should be.

    • You should tell your sister in law to look up Jennifer Weiner and her #weartheswimsuit campaign. It’s exactly what you’re talking about!

    • Nikki, this is such a great reminder..How many moments have I missed because I was too self-conscious or fearful? It shouldn’t be that way- I appreciate your thoughtful words!

  8. Abigail – thanks for sharing, you look great in that suit! Amazon and KenCole should give you a kick back for wearing it so well.

    Elizabeth – The two piece looks the best on you! More skin is more flattering and I’m not sure why. Rock the two piece, please! I think you look the happiest in it, too.

  9. Both ladies are rocking their suits! Abigail’s suit is so cute, just what she said–sexy, and appropriate. And I too have a “thicker” build similar to Elizabeth, and girl, wear! that! bikini! You look amazing in it! Your boldness is inspiring–put that suit on and keep inspiring others!
    And Nikki, thanks for your beach observations about “lots of people in varied stages of fluffiness having a great time on the beach in the swimwear – and nobody cares (or even notices) one bit!” That’s what I keep telling myself, and it’s nice to hear from someone else!
    And thank you Shana and friends for inspiring a community where people feel safe enough to send in their own photos, where people comment supportively and helpfully, and where a real-world, small-town mom can find useful, beautiful inspiration, fashion and otherwise. All y’all rock!

  10. Loving all of these pics! You women all look gorgeous and fantastic in the suits. Elizabeth – you should definitely rock that two-piece outside of the house. You look great!

  11. Im totally in love with these posts showing everyday women flaunt their stuff!! We all want to feel like there are others just like us and it’s comforting to know that there are blogs like the mom edit that shows real women wearing real clothes. Seriously amazing!! Cant wait to see more.

  12. They all look great. I agree especially that the floral suit is beautiful and that the black bikini just WORKS! Well done!

  13. Wow!!! Thank you all for the amazing comments! I’m blown away reading them! I can’t believe the bikini is the hands down winner! I think maybe this post will be the incentive to take it out of the shipping packaging and move it to a permanent spot in my drawer! Abigail, I loooove your suit and am thinking maybe I need to try that one. It’s super flattering and you look fabulous!!! Thank you again, everyone, and especially Shana, for your comments and the forum to put this out there! I love This blog and am constantly inspired to try something new by you girls! So thanks!!! And thanks for looking up links and similar pieces for me. I totally forgot about that!!!

  14. Damn ladies! Muy caliente! I’m so proud of you both for posting these. You look great even without a professional photo session and lighting. Your confidence is catching. I’ll walk a little taller today because of you!

  15. Yaaas!! Work it ladies! I was one of those women always trying to hide the cellulite on my thighs on the beach, as if people would turn to stone if they saw it. Then I turned 40 & finally realized: no1curr. Let’s start a revolution of normal mom bodies in swimsuits with no shame.

  16. Hello ladies.
    Kudos to both of you for sharing your real bodies with all of us! And you both look amazing.

    Also for Elizabeth, I have to agree, that bikini is rocking on you! Definitely my fave. And seeing as you have the 5 littles, add a rash guard for playtime and you’re golden! Throw out the shipping package – you HAVE to keep that suit!!!

  17. I am going to echo Elizabeth with a Wow…Just wow… I don’t know what I was expecting (if anything) when I sent in those pics to Shana, but reading all of these encouraging, sweet, thoughtful, uplifting comments from people I don’t know and may never meet- it blew me away! Thank you for taking the time to do that-you have no idea the impact it has had on me! 🙂

    And Elizabeth!!! You. Look. Amazing!!! I think you should keep and rock all three of those suits!! That high waisted 2 pc is fantastic!

    Shana thank you for this blog, for this community that has been created where women can be real with each other, for inspiring courage in each other.

  18. That first suit and her description of the C section pooch (me too!)…purchasing it this morning. SOLD!

    Thanks for sharing ladies!

  19. This is goooood. Good suits. (And a big DITTO to the “wear the bikini” chorus!) Good looks. Good reminder to just put the damned thing on and go live your life in it. Exactly what I did today so a big mwah to all!

  20. So happy to spread the word of a good swimsuit… Both mamas look awesome! Going to test out a bikini top when I leave the state (bikini rule for me – no need to scar the neighborhood kids) – will report back if it is noteworthy! Thanks for the forum Shana!

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