When we bought our house the top requirement was for it to be move-in ready since we were moving 500 miles with a newly-minted 2 year old and are lightly handy on a good day. So the old house we picked was recently flipped – new kitchen cabinets and counters, bathroom sinks and vanities, tile, etc. The drawback to that convenience? All the major pieces were builder basic, or whatever was on contractor’s discount at the local big-box DIY store. While I’d be ecstatic if we could change out the busy brown granite counters in the kitchen and bathrooms for something dreamy like soapstone, it ain’t exactly a small project in time or money.

But! I was browsing my local TJ Maxx/Homegoods/Marshall’s type-store the other day, and realized, Hey -there’s a really affordable* way to totally personalize the look of a room we use every day that takes about 5 minutes. It didn’t immediately come to mind because the bathroom mirrors that came with the house are totally serviceable and…”fine” but oh, so square. Literally. Ok, more like rectangles but yawn.

I’m still searching for the perfect statement mirror for the half-bath downstairs (or “powder room” if you’re fancy, which I am) – some of these finds are definite contenders. Check out these 5 tips on choosing a mirror that will completely change the look of your bathroom in less time than it takes to change a diaper. Especially if your toddler is freakishly strong like a tiny changing-table MMA fighter.

*$300 was my limit because, hi, it’s a mirror, but really it wasn’t too difficult to find some amazing options and many cost much less.


Strike a Balance

Curvy, feminine shapes play nicely with plainer or more masculine counterparts, like the shades of gray stone and heavy dark wood vanity.  Here’s the exact mirror for under $200, also loving this bronze mirror and this cute gold mirror.



Round It Out

A round mirror is the perfect way to soften lots of hard angles and clean lines. The leather belt accents on the one above just adds next-level coolness, here’s a similar mirror with leather strap from CB2. And I can’t resist this oversized round rose gold mirror from West Elm.



Think Outside the Box

Rectangular mirrors definitely have their place and can look good in any space, but sometimes a more unique shape is called for. The mermaid-riffic bathroom above just wouldn’t be the same with a plain Jane mirror. Just like with glasses, the frameless style is more subtle, so get a little crazy with the shape like these gorgeous beveled edge mirrors.



Symmetry (Not Size) Matters

Statement mirrors don’t even have to be that big as the image above shows – smaller geometric mirrors hold their own in a tightly edited space – but the strong visual impact comes from the dual mirror and sconce pairs. Choose an inexpensive, smaller mirror and double up for a custom look. Check out this cool wooden triangle mirror (in 3 sizes) or this beaded hexagon mirror in gold for a similar look.



Go Global

Mirrors with a well-traveled aesthetic bring so much drama to a space – in this bathroom the fixtures, tile and vanity are pretty standard (except for that navy, YUM), but the Indian silver mirror brings it to life. I’m loving the bold pattern and texture in this Aztec-style woven mirror (imagine in a black & white minimalist bathroom, swooning hard) and this amazing bronze peacock mirror.


Statement Mirrors for the Bathroom



– Amanda


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