The Mom Edit’s Guide To Holiday Style

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Happy, happy, happy holidays!!  Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza or the Festival of Lights…or, uh, Zeus and Poseidon (Raines is going through a Greek Mythology phase)….we welcome you.  Tis the season for celebration, for light, for love.

We’re hoping that we can help, in some small way, to make your holiday season the brightest one yet.  So we’ve been working on a set of style guides to help take some of the stress out of holiday dressing.  We’re focusing on the pieces you already own, adding in just one or two key pieces to make your existing closet more festive.   So c’mon, you blue-jean diehards, you office dwellers, you sweatpant-everyday-mamas….


…let’s have some fun.





(photo credits:  Vafa Photography)

Shop Our Favorite Holiday Pieces

Under the dropdown tab “Holiday” you can shop all of our favorite outfit-making pieces – things like party shoes, evening bags, and enough faux fur to stuff a….


We also have shoppable boutiques with hand-selected items for babies, girls and boys (think hysterical-but-cool Christmas sweaters, pretty tights and photo-worthy hats), with menswear to come.


The 2015 Style Guides

Dress Up Jeans and a Sweater For NYE

Four Complete NYE looks (makeup, outfit and accessory ideas)

Knit Midi Skirts and Sweaters (1940’s glam)

The Power of Earrings and a Scarf (updating your basic momiform)

Mixing Plaid – Testing the Limits  (plaid shirt AND skirt?  YES)

Four Ways To Rock a Big, Dramatic Skirt (using pieces you already own)

Office Party!! Glam Up Your Workwear

Three Ways To Make Casual Dresses Fancy

Dress Up Your Black Flares Jeans

Two Ways To Rock Smokey Eyes

more to come….



Past Style Guides (Updated for 2015)

The photography from 2012 is cringe-worthy, and looking back at 2013 is tough – it was my breast cancer year and I’m wearing a bunch of different wigs – but the ideas, you guys.  I still stand by the ideas.  Many of these general ideas have matured over time (and you’ll be seeing some come back in this year’s holiday style guides), but for a fun point of reference (and a trip down memory lane)….here are our past Holiday Style Guides.

Additionally, our favorites from 2014 have been completely updated – new links, new shoppable boutiques, and in some cases, a few new pics.  Enjoy!


The Ultimate Holiday Style Guide (For Glam, Yet Easy Chic)

Undercover Wonders (What to Wear UNDER All of Those Fab Dresses)

Jeans & Leggings

Glam and Comfy:  The Sequin Legging ***UPDATED FOR 2015***

The Best Way To Wear Jeans To a Holiday Party ***UPDATED FOR 2015***

Faux Fur Makes Everything Glam (Even Plaid Shirts and Jeans) ***UPDATED FOR 2015***

Plaid Pants, Puffers and Graphic Tees GONE FANCY ***UPDATED FOR 2015***

Skirts & Shorts

Sequin Minis Made Wearable ***UPDATED FOR 2015***

Sequin Mini – An attempt, a fail, and a fix

Faux-Fur And Philly Love

A Graphic Tee, All Dressed Up



Winter White Out – Styling Cream Cords

Four Festive Ways To Wear a White Button-Down Shirt

Five Ways To Rock Black Pants For the Holidays


How To Wear Red and Green Together

Sex Up a Day Dress

Monochrome White

Glam Up Your Daily Mom Uniform

Add Drama With a Maxi Skirt



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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. I need deets on the outfits in your photos. I LOVE those outfits Scotti and Shana! Thank you for all of these round-ups. Looking forward to reading more in the coming days. xoxo

  2. Speaking of photos from 2012…or, rather, how much you’ve learned about modelling and shooting since then…I’d love to see a post about HOW to take good outfit photos. I love, love, love to mix and match in my closet, trying out new combos and integrating new accessories and such, and I’ve always wanted to document the successes: those outfits that make me feel frisky and fabulous. Trouble is, when I go stand outside in the driveway and ask my long-suffering husband to snap a few photos, the results are so discouraging that I go away for a private cry and then give up on my wardrobe for a week or so. Please, please, Shana and Mike, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

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