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What We’re Reading This Week: Wearing Flats With Tights from Blue Collar Catwalk

Dear reader: have you ever considered the rule of thirds with regard to your flat footwear? How about the sheen and texture of your shoes in relation to your tights? Have you recently scrutinized the curves of your feet and how your flats accentuate them, either elongating or shortening your leg, depending on their fit? No? Mmm hmm. . . I didn’t think so.
Neither have I, and I suppose that’s why I’ve been largely unsuccessful at pairing flats with skirts and tights. I either a.) spit and curse my 5’4″ (and 5/8ths!) height, then put on a pair of heels instead, or b.) spit and curse my 5’4″ (and 5/8ths!) height, then opt for trousers.

What We’re Reading This Week: What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best

When my brother and I were growing up together, it was him and me, against the world. . . Together we felt bigger, stronger, more secure, and, best-of-all, we always had a friend though cross-town moves, new schools, every-other-weekend visits with our father and on family vacations. So. . . as a sister and newly-minted mom-of-two, I’m always looking for ways to reinforce the importance of the sibling relationship because I know what a life line it can be.

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What We’re Reading This Week: Size 12 Skinny Jean Recommendation from Fashion For The Economically Challenged

Over the last year or so, there has been much discussion on Ain’t No Mom Jeans about the value of skinny jeans. I would dare say that many of you are under the assumption that skinny jeans should only be worn by size 2 gals. While I’ve always disagreed (I think skinny jeans can be flattering on a range of body types/sizes)….well, for many of you, the love wasn’t there.
But a picture is worth a thousand words, no? And no one can dispute that FashionAddict looks great in her skinnies.