All Of A Sudden I’m Into Casual Mini Dresses


After a “no mini dresses” eight-year period, I decided to go back to them. This cotton L*Space dress — made in a lightweight jersey with enough details to make it interesting — is my first step back in the mini dress world, a world so fun, so easy, so me, it inspired this whole post! We’ll explore cotton jersey mini dresses that can work for #momlife while being easy to dress up (because who doesn’t like versatile pieces?). But first

Why is this my first short dress in about nine years?

I’ve long known my gorgeous short legs shine in mini skirts or dresses. But then I had kids, and being on the floor with them or chasing after them in short-length outfits was complicated. It also got into my head that “moms don’t wear mini dresses or shorts…etc.”

 Feeling More Me in Mini Dresses

This cotton L*Space dress is my first foot back in the mini-dress department. I'm exploring cotton-jersey mini dresses that can work for #momlife while being easy to dress up (because who doesn't like versatile pieces?).

Dress (also in black) l Same dress from Zappos l Similar without shoulder pads

I grew up hearing my mom say things like, “I can’t show my legs,” “It’s too short,” “It’s inappropriate,” and “I’m too old for this.” But it’s not her fault. 

When she got pregnant and married, she was restrained by patriarchal expectations. She went from being young and free to being forced to wear long skirts to avoid showing her legs so men wouldn’t look at her. Thankfully, ideas about what moms should wear are different now. My mom honors and gorgeously showcases her beautiful body, and from time to time, you’ll see her wearing a dress slightly above her knees. And her legs — oh, her legs shine. 

I got this L*Space cotton-jersey dress that looks more put-together than it feels. It does wonders for my short height, & I feel more me.

 Dress (TTS, wearing S) l Shoes l Bag  

Last year, after eight years of depriving myself of shorter lengths because of my mom status, I decided to just go for it. First, I got a linen mini dress for summer, then a faux leather mini skirt, and recently this cotton jersey dress that looks more put together than it feels. It does wonders for my short proportions, and I feel more me. Same to how I feel when I wear my goddess maxi dresses.

It’s a meaningful side of my style and personality I was ignoring. If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that every person contains multitudes.  

Shorts For Under Dresses While Chasing Kids (And Looking Cute)

And might I suggest a good pair of base shorts? With shorts underneath, I’m more ready to chase after the kid(s)? I seriously can’t live without these shorts.

  Dress (TTS, wearing S) l Shoes l Bag  

Design Details + Cotton Jersey Fabric = Mini Dress Perfection

The key is finding a dress with interesting details that’s also comfortable and versatile. After searching the web, L*Space became my top brand for this type of dress — it aces the comfy-chic vibe, so most of my finds are from there.

If you prefer a simpler design, this Daily Ritual swing dress will work flawlessly with a pair of sneakers and a cute bag. And it’s super budget friendly!

L*Space Mini Dress For A Twist On Casual Mom Style

I love Shopbop because I always discover a new brand to adore and pieces that become part of my most-worn outfits. This L*Space dress is one of them, and while the shoulder pads were initially intimidating, the knot detail in the front skirt was too gorgeous to ignore. I will be wearing it to the Bronx Zoo tomorrow (with my shorts underneath, of course).

Look at those details…

While the shoulder pads of this L*Space twist dress seemed intimidating, the knot detail in the front skirt was too gorgeous to ignore — & the idea of a casual mini dress was irresistible.

 Dress (TTS, wearing S) l Shoes l Bag  

I’m curious! Do you wear short dresses?



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Hey, Pinners…

Who says moms can't wear mini dresses? They do wonders for my petite proportions, + with shorts underneath I feel free to chase after my kids & be myself!

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